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Published on August 7, 2014

Author: Herbalpowerhouse



Supplements For Your Health and Fitness: Supplements For Your Health and Fitness Herbal Powerhouse: Herbal Powerhouse Herbal Powerhouse is the internet outlet for the Herbal Fitness Solutions Inc. brand of supplements. We are dedicated to bringing you high quality supplements. We do not sell supplements that do not have scientific studies backing them up and/or are proven by our own personal testing to work as intended.   We know our prices are most likely the lowest ones you will find for herbal products on line. This may lead you to suspect that our products or service is not top quality. This is not at all the case, our products are as good as or better than any you will find. Even at our low prices we still make a pretty good profit. It seems to us that other vendors are making a very large profit on their products.   We are a small company with low overhead that believes in providing good service and charging fair prices to our customers. We believe that doing this will help us make first time customers into loyal returning customers. Tongkat Ali Extract / Longjack Extract: Tongkat Ali Extract / Longjack Extract Tongkat Ali or Longjack extract also known as Eurycoma Longifolia - 100:1 and 200:1 root extracts are a concentrated form of the soluble parts of the root. The strength or concentration of the extract (100:1) means the 100 kilograms of ground root chips are processed with liquid which is then drawn off and freeze dried to yield 1 kilogram of dried extract. This powder is has 100 times more active ingredients per kilogram than plain root powder or chips. The 200:1 extract is made the same way with 200 kilograms of raw material used to produce 1kg of extract. The 200:1 extract is stronger, smaller doses are required for the same effect. This powder is sold in bulk form in sealed plastic bags. It is suitable for and sold to customers who prefer to fill their own capsules. It can also be used to make a tea as is done by the native population in the areas where Tongkat Ali grows. Some customers put this extract powder right in with their coffee grounds when brewing coffee to make " Tongkat Ali Coffee". Doing this masks the bitter taste. The taste is extremely bitter, most people will not like the taste of it if dissolved in a glass of water. Capsule Filling Kits: Capsule Filling Kits Everything you need to fill 50 capsules at a time. These are US made high quality capsule fillers made of rigid plastic designed for long life.They are made by our good friends at Cap M Quick and shipped to you for your personal use to fill your own capsules and save money. Empty Gelatin Capsules: Empty Gelatin Capsules These are empty clear gelatin capsules, best quality available. All sizes meet FDA requirements for human consumption (21 CFR Section 170-189). For your health and safety be sure to ask your capsule supplier if their capsules meet this certification. These are for customers who prefer to fill their own capsules to save money or take different dosages. They come in plastic bags ready to be filled. Size 00 capsules will hold 450mg of our Tongkat Ali extract. Size 0 capsules hold 350mg, Size 1 capsules hold 250mg. (If you want filled capsules click "Extract Capsules" link top left.). For more information please visit our website : For more information please visit our website

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