Surviving Your First Year of College

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Published on August 11, 2014

Author: enterprisehive9393



  Surviving Your First Year of College:   Surviving Your First Year of College How to Network and Learn, On-Campus and Beyond Get Connected On-Campus – Virtually: Get Connected On-Campus – Virtually Your first year of college means adapting to change. If your institution has a private social network, you can quickly become more comfortable in your new environment. Find out about your school’s private social network, and how you can participate in it. Make use of the many organizing tools the social network offers to streamline your life. Easily connect with other students who share your same classes and interests. Get instant updates, so you aren’t the only one showing up to an empty lecture hall . 2 Make the Most of Social Tools to Feel at Home: Make the Most of Social Tools to Feel at Home College can start to feel more like home if you take it one step at a time, start building a network , and connect with new people. Reach out through your school’s private social platform: Create your student profile; introduce yourself and update as you add new activities and interests. Look for a community discussion board and visit it daily. Watch for classes and instructors who offer added rewards for participating in these and other social network activities . 3 Make the Most of College Services: Make the Most of College Services Don’t let technology get in your way—get help troubleshooting your tablet or other devices at your school’s tech center. Bonus: most offer online access on a limited basis. Explore other services online first. Health centers, counseling centers, and support groups are all there for you. Faculty are there for you, too. Think of that one professor that you connect with over others and try asking them for advice. 4 Be a Pro-Active Learner: Be a Pro-Active Learner College has so much to offer, but it’s up to you to use it to full advantage. Many classes build in rewards or extra credit from the institution’s social platform. Ask your professor about: Awarding grade points for completing levels of achievement; Awarding badges or certificates for extra work or special projects; Using leaderboards to acknowledge mastery of new subjects or skills, and to post certificates earned. 5 Expand Your Research Options: Expand Your Research Options Make use of the huge, built-in database in your school’s private community software platform to: Quickly tap into the campus library and find needed resources, reserve books, or download e-books. Extend library access with links to other off-campus library sources. Connect with expert faculty in multiple fields for insights into a variety of subjects, especially in their specialized fields . 6 Network in the Wider World—Virtually: Network in the Wider World—Virtually Explore the wider world through your school’s secure social network platform. Beyond expert faculty on campus, your social network can connect you with experts from linked colleges, businesses, and institutions outside your community. Use social tools to share valuable information and seek more resources from others in your circles. Find your favorite tools, like blogs, focus groups, forums, online chat, photo, video, and audio sharing . 7 Expand Your World Beyond School: Expand Your World Beyond School Check out your school’s private social network for opportunities to expand your personal borders beyond campus . Job s earch – g et first access to prime job openings on campus or with local businesses. Earn extra cash as you build experience and meet new people. Get v aluable d iscounts – l ocal pizza places or other favorites may offer special coupons or rewards for achievement. Share favorite finds with your circles of friends and networks. 8 Your Life is About to Change—Record Your Journey: Use the private social software platform to develop and grow your networks of friends, advisors, and resources. Keep a daily journal to record your thoughts and special experiences—good and bad. At the end of the year—or 4 years—you’ll have a virtual record and be amazed to see how far you’ve come and how much you have learned. Your Life is About to Change—Record Your Journey 9 PowerPoint Presentation: If your college or university doesn’t have a private social community platform for students, faculty, staff and alumni, tell them to contact Enterprise Hive at 10 PowerPoint Presentation: 11 HiveSocial TM for Higher Education by Enterprise Hive transforms the educational institution into a social campus by easily connecting all its constituents, using embedded gaming mechanics and more.

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