Taylor & Stirling-A Reputed Fabric Manufacturer Company in Ballarat

Information about Taylor & Stirling-A Reputed Fabric Manufacturer Company in Ballarat

Published on July 14, 2014

Author: taylor_stiling

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PowerPoint Presentation: Welcome To www.taylorandstirling.com.au PowerPoint Presentation: Taylor & Stirling is a manufacturer and retailer of blinds, curtains, awning and shutter in Ballarat and the Victorian Central Highlands region. The company has earned a good reputation since 1946, in providing high-quality window furnishings that match the budget, individuality, requirements and tastes of each of its customers. They guarantee the quality of the workmanship. Why Taylor and Stirling? PowerPoint Presentation: Our Products PowerPoint Presentation: Taylor & Stirling provides largest range of blinds in Ballarat . The Blinds produced by us are high quality and long lasting. Following blind styles are easily available in our shop: Blinds PowerPoint Presentation: Selecting the Best Window Decorations PowerPoint Presentation: Contact us: (03) 5333 1441 [email protected] 22 Sturt St, Ballarat ACN 81 158 491 215 Australia www.taylorandstirling.com.au PowerPoint Presentation: Source Link: www.slideshare.net/taylor_stiling/taylorandstirlingcomau

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