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Published on July 20, 2014

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Opportunities for Involvement in Citrus and Marion County: Opportunities for Involvement in Citrus and Marion County Ashley Crowe [email protected] July 2014 EEX 4070 Introduction: Introduction For my Teacher s in Action project I researched different programs available for students with disabilities in the Citrus/Marion County area. I worked with fifth grade student who has Cerebral Palsy and will be moving to the Citrus County School District shortly. While researching programs for this student, I also found multiple organizations that would be willing to partner with students for future Teachers in Action projects. Engagement Activities : Engagement Activities During this project I broke my time up into several areas. I used my time to get to get to know the student so I could ensure I was finding the programs that would effectively meet the student’s needs. I also researched several organizations that are available for students with disabilities in the Citrus/Marion County area . I also spoke with representatives from different organizations about partnering with Teacher's In Action in the future. Participants Demographics : Participants Demographics The student I worked with during my Teachers in Action project is eleven years old and is going into the fifth grade. The student has Cerebral Palsy Cerebral Palsy is a neurological condition that affects a person’s muscle tone, movement and motor skills. Students who have Cerebral palsy often have challenges with perceptual abilities and speech impairments. Service in Action : Service in Action The following are different programs available for people with disabilities in Citrus and Marion County, Florida Achievement Rehab (Inverness, FL) Achievement Rehab is a therapist owned company and provides services to children from birth up to 18 years in age. This particular company focuses on physical, occupational, and speech therapy. They also have behavioral specialists at the facility. Advocacy Resource Center (Ocala, FL) The Advocacy Resource Center helps create opportunities for people with developmental and intellectual abilities. There are multiple programs available on this site based on the age of the person with the disability and the particular needs that need to be met for that particular individual. Service in Action (continued) : Service in Action (continued) Florida Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired (Ocala, FL) Florida Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired is a facility designed to help people of all age ranges who are visually impaired with interdependence and life skills. They work along side students to help create short term and long term goals. The goals vary from cooking, to using the computer independently, to using public transportation on their own. Key Training Center (Inverness, Florida) The Key Training Center is a program more geared towards adults with disabilities. Key Training Center is a residence that helps provide programs and services to meet social and vocational needs of people with developmental disabilities. Maplewood Elementary Summer Camp (Ocala, FL) Maplewood Elementary provides multiple summer camps to students each summer. One of the camps offered in the summer is a two week camp for students with exceptionalities. This camp geared toward younger students with disabilities and helps to develop different skills such as language skills and fine motor skills. Perceptions of Differences : Perceptions of Differences Before this project I was unaware of how many resources were available to students with disabilities in my area There are specific programs that focus on specific needs Some programs meet the needs of the student I was working with better than others Many programs/facilities would be willing to partner with Teachers in Action in the future The programs researched provide excellent services to their students and are also a great way for upcoming teachers to get involved in the community Connections to EEX4070: Connections to EEX4070 After participating in the Teachers in Action project, I am able to understand more of the concepts taught in the EEX4070 course I have a better understanding of the importance and challenges of finding a program that meets the needs of each student individually. I utilized technology when communicating with a student who has a disability. I formed a professional relationship with the student which helped me to research different programs that would benefit the student. Civic Engagement : Civic Engagement While completing my Teachers in Action program, I became familiar with the way different programs for students with disabilities are run. In each situation it was obvious how each program/facility could benefit from more volunteers. More volunteers allows for more one on one time with each student. After working with a student with cerebral palsy for this project, I feel very passionate about getting more involved in the future. I would love the opportunity to spend more time working with students who have different disabilities. Not only will this benefit the children, but it will also help to make me a more effective teacher by taking the time to understand how each student struggles individually. Final Reflection: Final Reflection After completing this project, I hope parents and students are more aware of the opportunities available for students with disabilities in the Citrus/ Marion County area. I hope people will understand the importance of getting involved in their community. I hope people will use the information provided to get involved in the different programs available for students with disabilities. This project has made me more aware of the importance in getting involved in the different programs in Citrus and Marion County. I now fully understand how volunteering can change a students life.

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