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Published on July 19, 2014

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Lowbudget Ranch- Come skate with us!: Lowbudget Ranch- Come skate with us! Angelina Girone [email protected] July 20,2014 EEX 4070 Summer 2014 The Lowbudget Ranch: The Lowbudget Ranch Established in 2007, previously the Lowbudgetbliss Bowl LLC. Designed to provide safe outlet for local children and fellow skaters. Families are always welcome! Lowbudget has hosted a few different charitable events, including Shred for Hati. The bowl is also know to give local bands a stage and audience to perform for. Jim Johnson of Lowbudget Ranch: Jim Johnson of Lowbudget Ranch Owned and designed by Jim Johnson, a UCF graduate and now parent to a UCF student. Jim is a former professional BMX rider that now shares his love of BMX and skateboarding with the community Jim is dedicated to serving his community and giving children the opportunity to do something he is passionate about. Donators: Donators The Lowbudget Ranch operates solely on donations from a few local skate shops as well as the help from the community, including Undercover and 561. *Undercover’s picture to the right was not from the event day.* Engagement Activities: Engagement Activities The community came together to host a learn to skate day for children with autism. By doing so, we provided an outlet for the children to express themselves, helped to develop fine motor skills. Also helped the students to communicate their excitement and feelings. This was an all day activity. Early morning set up. Grilled food all day. Music Local skate shop participation. Completed on National Go-Skate Day, Saturday, June 21,2014. My hours came from setting up the day before, helping to clean the area up, the day of, all day. Assisting the skaters in showing the kids how to keep their balance, pump their legs, and skate back and forth. I also assisted with the clean up after the day was over. Skate hours went from 11:00 am- 7:00pm. Set up started at 8:00am, and clean up went to 8:30 pm. Participant Demographics: Participant Demographics The ages of the participants varied. The youngest child was 6 and the oldest was 20. The day served children all over the autistic spectrum. The majority of the participants were Caucasian. There were a few hispanic children there. Only two languages were noticed that day, English and Spanish. We served a total of 15 kids with autism this day. Not the turn out we would have hoped. A total of 50-65 people total came throughout the day. Many families joined throughout the day. Parents/ guardians were required to stay for safety reasons. There were no unattended children Service in Action: Service in Action These are some of the few photos taken that day. When everything got started, cameras were forgotten and the fun began. The picture above is a tradition for the Lowbudget Ranch. The picture is often posted to others social media to let fellow skaters know that there is a skate session going on that day. The picture to the right is the food station. I spent a few hours here assisting people with hotdogs, hamburgers,and chicken. In between cooking, I would assist the kids with putting on protective pads and helmets as well as helping them skate back and forth. This often called for hand holding and me walking beside the moving skateboard. Perception of Differences: Perception of Differences Before: Nervous. I thought ‘how is this going to work out?’ During: I was thinking about how much fun the kids seemed to be having. Now: I’m happy I did this. It was great to see a community band together for children with special needs. Connections to Course: Connections to Course I am was enrolled in EEX 4070 when I completed the teachers in action project. I better understand the course in the fact that I now have a better understanding of what it is like to work with students with special needs. I also have a better understanding on the effects of students with autism and exercise. Civic Engagement: Civic Engagement I feel that volunteering is something that all people should do. I personally have always done some kind of volunteer work and would like to continue to do so. Volunteering is a wonderful way to feel good about yourself Great way to feel proud of your community. When people volunteer, it not only gives them the opportunity to help someone in the community who needs it. it also gives people the opportunity to work with people they normally would not work with. Volunteering a great way to see first hand how your actions can truly affect someones life. Reflections: Reflections I would definitely volunteer with the Lowbudget Ranch again! Teachers are the role models that students see 5 days a week. If a teacher can speak positively on how they have helped a community, then your students will want to do the same! Hours Breakdown: Hours Breakdown Friday June 20, 2014 preparation: buy food, clean area, contact donors, and musicians. 4 hours throughout day Saturday June 21, 2014 Even day Set up 8:30-11:00am Event Hours 11:00am- 7:00pm Clean up 7:00pm- 9:00pm Total Hours 16.5 Jim Johnson Contact Info. : Jim Johnson Contact Info. [email protected]

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