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Published on July 31, 2014

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Teachers in Action Project!: Teachers in Action Project! Jessica Castillo [email protected] July 20, 2014 EEX 4070 Teaching Exceptional Students Introduction to the Host Setting: Introduction to the Host Setting Altamonte Springs Recreation, in conjunction with the Advisory Board for the Disabled, Inc. Provide social and recreation programs for individuals with special needs in Altamonte Springs and surrounding communities. Typical programs offered are; The clubhouse summer & winter, ballroom dance, cheerleading belly dance, bowling, night bird dances, Thursday night out, swim lessons, and buddy ball. They have about 400 registered and active participants Engagement Activities: Engagement Activities I decided to be engaged with the participants at the Altamonte Springs Recreation—Special needs clubhouse. The activities in which I participated were; meet and greet question with the participants, h andshake participation with a partner, t alking and supervising while the participants were swimming, and in a field trip. Engagement Activities: Engagement Activities Engagement Activities: Engagement Activities I assisted at the bowling program on June 16 from 3-5pm ., additionally I was a counselor on weeks 5 and 6 of the special needs clubhouse on Wednesdays July 2, and July 9, 2014 From 8:45am-4:45pm. I got started with the special needs club house because I was looking up something for my son’s summer camp at Westmonte Park, and I saw the special needs tab in their website. Participant Demographics: Participant Demographics The Altamonte Springs Special needs program serves individuals of ages 13 and up. Most of their participants are between 20-50 years old. There are many different ethnicities involved and a variety of special needs. “The participants are considered persons with disabilities as defined by IDEA because their educational performance is adversely affected due to the disability.” nichcy.org/disability/categories Service in Action: Service in Action Service in Action: Service in Action Perceptions of Differences: Perceptions of Differences My thoughts about the assignment itself were of being nervous and afraid that I would not do the correct thing. My thoughts about disabilities; I have had family members who have down syndrome, so I was looking forward to completing my service learning experience. My thoughts now are that I enjoy creating this project, although it is a lot of work. As to working with participants with disabilities, I love it, they make one feel so welcomed and loved. Connections to Your Course: Connections to Your Course The EEX course I am enrolled in during the Teachers in Action project is EEX 4070—Teaching Exceptional Students The three course topics that I understand better now are; Intellectual disabilities, emotional disorders, and ADHD. This experiences have taught me knowledge that otherwise I would not be aware of. Civic Engagement: Civic Engagement I believe the power and importance of civic engagement is life changing, and to me it added more ideas on how I would love to help my community and even around the world to those who need it the most. I believe service learning as a method of learning is an excellent way to get students to engage with those in need and have a personal life experience on what it is like to serve others. I would definitely encourage teachers and students to embrace service-learning. The knowledge gained through service learning is something that can only be experienced and not described. Final Thoughts & Reflections: Final Thoughts & Reflections Others can begin by trying out service learning and how it can change their lives and that of others. I would show the pictures I have taken and tell them about the great experience I have had while engaging with people with disabilities. I believe most teachers do look for the “greater good” of society. THE END: Unforgettable memories with the special needs program at the Altamonte Springs Recreation Center THE END

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