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Published on January 28, 2010

Author: kaus



TEAM SYNERGY : TEAM SYNERGY By: Kaustubh Sathe. What is it..? : What is it..? Relationships + Teamwork + Leadership = MORE DYNAMIC TEAM Definition : Definition Synergy is the highest activity of life, it creates new untapped alternatives, it values and exploits the mental emotional and psychological differences between people. What is team synergy…? : What is team synergy…? Team Synergy focuses on creating successful teams Team Synergy is completely customizable, based on your goals for your team. What does team synergy do? : What does team synergy do? Focuses on all three of the critical team building components -relationships, teamwork and leadership. Contd… : Contd… Facilitates group learning through team problem-solving activities Contd… : Contd… Challenges the individual to break through their preconceived notions of what they can do, while receiving team support How to energize your team… and keep it going…? : How to energize your team… and keep it going…? 1. Set a positive example. 2. Give support to create trust. 3. Develop an open line of communication. 4. Create regular and productive meetings. 5. Assess strengths and weaknesses. BRUCE TUCKMAN’S 4-Stage Model : BRUCE TUCKMAN’S 4-Stage Model Forming - the team tries to figure out its goals, roles and processes. 2nd… : 2nd… Storming - this is the negotiation phase when egos emerge and turf wars develop. 3rd… : 3rd… Norming - once issues are resolved, team members work well together. 4th… : 4th… Performing - this is where true team synergy happens and the maximum benefit of teamwork is achieved. Come Together Work Better… : THANK YOU Come Together Work Better…

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