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Published on July 9, 2014

Author: hem_kmr

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Test Link: Test Link Test Management ….. TestLink is a web-based test management system that facilitates software quality assurance. It is developed and maintained by Teamtest . The platform offers support for test cases, test suites, test plans, test projects and user management, as well as various reports and statistics. Why TestLink?: Why TestLink? Management is the key to efficient and effective testing. Tracability Reliability TestLink Features: TestLink Features User Roles and Management Grouping of Test Cases in Test Specifications Test Planning – Test Plans Platform Inventory Management Requirements with Versioning and Reveisioning Support for testing different builds of the Software Reports Charts and Monitors Integration with LDAP Work Flow: Work Flow Work Flow: Work Flow Creating Requirement(s): Creating Requirement(s) Test Link allows you to group requirements into folders and sub folders. There are two operations available within test link for requirements viz. Requirement Specification Operation – creates folder Requirement Operation – creates a requirement Creating Test Cases: Creating Test Cases To create test cases using Test Cases there are following two options: Test Suite Operation – creates a folder Test Case Operation – creates a test case Associate a Requirement with the Test Case Adding Steps to a Test Case: Adding Steps to a Test Case To create test cases using Test Cases there are following two options: Create a Step Re-sequence a Step Assigning a Test Case to Test Plan: Assigning a Test Case to Test Plan Before a Test Case could be assigned and executed it needs to be made part of a Test Plan which can be done as follows: Goto Desktop Click on ‘Add/Remove Test Cases’ under Test Plan Contents. Assigning a Test Case to Build: Assigning a Test Case to Build Before a test case could be assigned to a build for execution it should be made part of Test Plan as per previous slide then it could be assigned to a Build for execution. Go to Desktop Click on assign test cases for execution. Executing a Test Case: Executing a Test Case You need to go to Text Execution displayed in the top menu. Go to Test Execution Select the Test Case to Execute Select the status & Save Assign/Log a Bug for Failed Test Case: Assign/Log a Bug for Failed Test Case This instance of Test Link is integrated with Trac therefore a Bug can straight away be logged from Trac UI to Trac. Or an existing bug from Trac can be associated with a Failed Case in Test Link. Generating a Report: Generating a Report A report of the execution can be generated using following options for any build execution of a project test plan by going to Test Reports option displayed at the top. Test Link Documentation: Test Link Documentation Test Link has all of its documentation stored online which is quite a useful resource and comes in handy. It can be accessed by going to Documentation section within Desktop and then choosing what you want. Thank You: Thank You Any Questions …?

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