The Benefits of Double-Glazed Windows

Information about The Benefits of Double-Glazed Windows

Published on June 16, 2014

Author: ryanwilliams



The Benefits of Double-Glazed Windows: The Benefits of Double-Glazed Windows PowerPoint Presentation: Double-glazed windows have two glass panels separated by small spaces filled with air or, in some cases, with argon, a non-toxic gas. Temperature Control: Temperature Control Depending on the season, double-glazed windows can either keep your home cool in the summer or warm in the winter. Warmer Winter: Warmer Winter The main reason most people opt for double-glazing is to stop the heat loss during winter. Double-glazed windows can keep up to 54% more energy inside your house. If you invest in more thermally efficient glass and fill the space between with argon, then you can reduce the heat loss to up to 70%! Cooler Summer: Cooler Summer Insulating the windows will also have it's benefits in the summer. Changing single-glazed windows to double-glazed will result in 13% reduction of solar heat gain. And like in the winter, using thermally improved glass can be even more beneficial, resulting in over 50% reduction of solar heat gain. Noise Reduction: Noise Reduction Because it has to pass through two layers of glass and some air in between, the noise pollution decreases significantly. Depending on the type of double-glazing you can reduce noise between 20% to 70%. Limiting Condensation: Limiting Condensation Condensation is formed when cold air meets warm surface. This can result in lowering the temperature of your home in winter, thus increasing your energy bill. Double-glazing reduces condensation and it's ideal for places with high humidity. The Downside of Double-Glazing: The Downside of Double-Glazing Unfortunately, double-glazed windows come with one major disadvantage – they cannot be repaired. If the space between the two glasses is not airtight, you can expect condensation and moisture to appear very soon. Replacing the windows is your only option. Sources:: Sources: Brought to you by:: Brought to you by:

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