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Published on July 11, 2014

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The best features of bamboo charcoal soap: The best features of bamboo charcoal soap Bamboo charcoal as the name suggests, is a charcoal made from bamboo plants. In actual sense, charcoal is usually produced by slow pyrolysis, the heating of the wood or other animal and vegetation substances in the absence of oxygen. Usually, it is an impure form of carbon containing ash and as such resembles coal with features such as soft, brittle, lightweight, black and porous elements. The art of charcoal production is an ancient practice of human endeavor that has been in use since historical times for a large range of purposes including in art and medicine. However, its most important use has been as a metallurgical fuel with its intense burning temperature of up to 2700ºC which is more than the melting point of iron (1200 to 1500 degrees Celsius).   Bamboo charcoal as such retains the unique chemical composition of bamboo plant or wood with molecules such as C60. Bamboo charcoal in real sense refers to the un-activated bamboo charcoal. However, manufacturers of products such as bamboo charcoal soaps use activated bamboo charcoal as an ingredient. The activate bamboo charcoal has the ability to absorb a very wide range of organic and inorganic substances from the environment. The bamboo charcoal has a surface area to weight ratio of 600:1 that means that one gram of bamboo charcoal has a surface area of 600 square meters. The more the surface area the better is its absorption ability. PowerPoint Presentation: Therefore , Bamboo charcoal soaps made with bamboo charcoal retains the absorption ability of bamboo charcoal with the features of their anti fungal and anti microbial properties. As with the case of normal soaps, the bamboo charcoal soap does not leave any residue material on the face of the user. This in turn helps the human skin to receive the natural moisturizer from the body’s oils without the loss of the skin texture. The bamboo charcoal soap has the capacity of drawing out pollutants or filth from the skin pores without being absorbed itself. This soap also produces rich lather without causing any harm to the outer skin of the human body.   The bamboo charcoal soaps are usually hand made with various other natural mineral ingredients and essential oils being added to them such as Eucalyptus, Coconut, Olive oil and other medicinal herbs thereby making these soaps more powerful to fight various skin diseases such as acne, dermatitis, Psoriasis, eczema and bad odors of the skin. The other important feature of bamboo charcoal soap is its ability in preventing the occurrence of baggy eyes (sign of aging) due to collection of dirt and other pollutants that makes the skin under the eyes sag under their weight. By washing the skin under the eyes with this soap, the dirt is removed within a short time and the skins elasticity is restored back with the face looking much younger. The manufacturers of bamboo charcoal soap does not use any harmful chemicals nor add colors and do not indulge in animal testing practices. Therefore, one can say that bamboo charcoal soap is a pure natural product.

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