The Charm of Michael Dadoun

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Published on June 7, 2016

Author: macklin123



slide 1: The Charm of Michael Dadoun slide 2: Michael Dadoun is a visionary. He is a leader in the true sense. He is well known as a dynamic CEO of Upclick a Montreal-based leading internet solutions company. He has also co-founded the company. His personality exhibits a charm that is hard to ignore. People like to talk to him to work with him and to be associated with him in business deals. What makes Michael Dadoun Montreal based CEO so popular You may be born with physical charm but a charming personality is something you must develop. It has little to do with physical appearance and more to do with your attitude deportment your walk and talk and the way you deal with people. For CEOs it is important to develop this charm for they need to work with people… and they are humans not robots. They have their own moods problems motivational levels talents abilities beliefs and the way of working. Each one is unique. A good CEO has the fine skill of bringing unique people together as a team and extracting the maximum potential from them. He or she must instill a passion in them to work towards the common goals of the company. slide 3: Michael Dadoun believes: for a company to progress its employees and business partners must be satisfied and happy with their jobs and deals respectively. Perhaps this is the belief that makes him show an active and personal interest in the company’s work. He is a leader with strong values yet with a gentle streak in him that makes him approachable and understandable towards his employees. It is seen that Michael has the needed drive to lead a team of talented people. He can keep them motivated and instill enthusiasm in the team. A quality that contributes to make him a successful CEO is his regular interaction with employees. He exhibits a positive aura. People report that being with Michael even for a few minutes gives them a surge of energy. Such are his vibes. slide 4: Making the right moves A leader who is armed with the right attitude and skills does not see a modern business setup as a complex thing. He or she knows how to simplify things and take each move with caution and intelligence. Michael Dadoun believes that a person who can cope with change is a winner. The web world is constantly changing. Besides there are millions of websites. There could be a million in a particular niche. They pose competition. You must be ever ready to arm your website with fresh content and offers to stay in the limelight. Black hat tricks can be tempting as they may “zoom off” your website to the top. However they also make you crash mercilessly as search engines are equipped to catch fraudulent activities. This kills your web reputation. Michael Dadoun knows this. He believes in work ethics social responsibility and organization welfare. These beliefs make him use only white hat tricks to reach the top… and maintaining the top position is equally important. Goodwill and a strong reputation are two elements that help in this. slide 5: Thank You

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