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Published on June 13, 2016

Author: Giuliano84



1. Giuliano Iacobelli, Co-founder / CEO [email protected] CHATBOTS THE ONCE-IN-A-DECADE PARADIGM SHIFT

2. Monthly active users for top 4 social networks and messaging apps

3. Messaging platforms aim to change the way brands communicate with consumers Chat UX is more natural, dynamic and avoid any friction opening new accounts No need to download an app 2016 is the year of the bot

4. More than 900 million monthly active users only on Facebook Messenger In 2015 messaging apps have been the fastest growing In the global Top 10 of most used apps 6 are messaging apps 2016 is the year of the bot

5. TYPE OF BOTS SERVICE Request a taxi, send flowers, book an hotel. Imagination is the limit! SHOPPING In-chat purchases straigh without leaving chat apps INFORMATIVE Customer support, easy access to FAQ, news and engagement

6. • Check-in via messenger • Flight informations • Boarding card • 24/7 Support SERVICE BOT

7. • In app purchase • Consumer targeting • Push promotions and deals SHOPPING BOT

8. • Send daily news • Subscribe to news by topic • Read the full news without leaving the messaging app SERVICE BOT

9. INFORMATIVE BOT • Sends news • Sends tips about make up • Shopping assistant


11. • Connections with messaging platforms • Rich content (Video/Immagini/Mappe) • Call to action (Pre-defined user interactions) • Handling & storage of the conversation state • Natural language processing • Integrations with 3rd party systems The fundamental elements of a bot:

12. Technologies on the field Four main categories of tech composing a bot Stores Stores help manage state from conversational interactions as your bot might need to recall things. Stores hold conversation data and keep track of what state the system is in. Services Services are in charge of making API requests, parsing data, and formatting responses for our handlers. Message handler The role of the handler is to handle the message passed from Messenger, delegate tasks to services, and send messages back to the user. Messenger Messenger is where you receive messages and route them to an appropriate handler. The point of Messenger is provide a layer of abstraction on top of bot APIs.

13. Interactions and Integrations Chatbots are entirely API-driven and event-driven Receive message from user Understand request and generate answer Update conversation state Reply to user Submit request to third party system

14. The cross-platform problem One of the most critical choices is which platform(s) 
 to build the bot for (e.g. Telegram, WeChat, FB, Twitter, Kik, or another)? SMS

15. A New universe of experiences to explore Message-rendering capabilities vary across platforms; ranging from an ability to display plain-text messages, to rich media to hyperlinks, to so-called “smart messages”


17. Giuliano Iacobelli [email protected] +1 (415) 481 8606 Let’s talk

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