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Published on April 25, 2008

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The Famous Titanic : The Famous Titanic By Isaac Building the Titanic : Building the Titanic Built by the White Star Line 883 ft long 92 ft wide 46,328 tons 104 ft high 29 boilers 3 propellers 3 million rivets 16 water-tight compartments Building the Titanic : Building the Titanic Setting Sail : Setting Sail Set sail on Thursday April 11, 1912 2223 people on board Left Queenstown, Ireland for New York The captain’s name was Edward J. Smith Setting Sail : Setting Sail Disaster! : Disaster! 11:40 pm Sunday, April 14, 1912 the Titanic hit an iceberg The hole was over 300ft long First lifeboat was launched at 12:40 am with only 19 people on board It took 160 minutes for the Titanic to sink Disaster! : Disaster! Rescue! : Rescue! Carpathia comes to the rescue When it received the SOS it was 60 miles away Some of the people were in lifeboats for 4 hours 1517 souls perished Only 706 people survived Rescue! : Rescue! Rediscovery : Rediscovery It was rediscovered in 1985 by Robert Ballard 2 1/2 miles underwater Sank in two pieces Rediscovery : Rediscovery Location where the Titanic wreck was discovered Rediscovery : Rediscovery Rediscovery : Rediscovery "The debris field hit me the most, here in that ghostly expanse of sea floor 350 miles off Newfoundland, the people who died during the early hours of April 15th 1912, leaves me with this everlasting memory" ~ Dr. Robert Ballard ~ Last Living Titanic Survivor : Last Living Titanic Survivor Millvinia Dean, age 96 Only 2 months old at time of sinking Rescued with mother and older brother, Bertram Father did not survive Lives in England today Has no memory of the tragedy THE END! : THE END! “Titanic”, original artwork by Isaac

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