The Gun

Information about The Gun

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: VDennis



The Gun: The Gun Paul Langan Summary: In The Gun, a boy named Tyray Mason a school bully gets his reputation pulled away by kid he has been picking on for years and his name is, Darrell Mercier (to learn more about Darrell’s story read The Bully to find out). But, Tyray just can’t stand to believe that no one fears him no more so, Tyray finds his only solution to his problems….. A Gun! Summary Genre: Genre The genre of this book is realistic fiction Characters: Characters Tyray Darrell Tyray’s Parents Mr. Dean Lark Rollins Bones Others Compare & Contrast: Compare & Contrast Tyray Both are Boys Both go to Bluford High School He is a bully He is a starter football player Darrell Both are Boys Both go to Bluford High School He is a normal student He is a bench warmer Theme: Theme The theme of this book is to never take matters in your own hands because Tyray could of ended not just his family & Darrell’s life but his as well. PowerPoint Presentation: THE END

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