The Importance of Recycling

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Published on July 7, 2014

Author: ryanwilliams



The Importance of Recycling: The Importance of Recycling What is Recycling?: What is Recycling? The process of collecting, separating, reusing and remanufacturing used materials and products. Nearly anything we see and use can be recycled. However, we recycle only about 30% of all waste, when in reality over 75% of it is recyclable. Recycling Steps: Recycling Steps There are 3 main steps in the recycling process: Collecting and sorting - Gathering and sorting waste materials is essential. Many people throw their waste randomly, so it is mainly in the waste collecting companies where the different materials are sorted correctly. But even if you are recycling the right way there are certain materials that need to be further separated. For example, glass can keep its colours regardless of the times it has been recycled, which means that each glass colour has to be sorted accordingly. PowerPoint Presentation: 2. Manufacturing - After step one is completed, it is time to move to the remanufacturing process. As you can guess here waste is given a new life and, in most cases - a different usage. If we have to use glass as case in point once again - it can be recycled over and over again countless amount of times. Thus, a bottle could be made a bottle again and again, and again. However, other products, such as aluminium, could be used for something else. PowerPoint Presentation: 3. Back to the market - Once our recycled products have been turned into something else, they can be sold back to us. Buying a recycled item could give you the sense that you are helping the environment and might even save you money in the long run. And when the product you've bought has served its purpose, it can go to the recycling bin, and the infinite loop can begin once again. Why is Recycling Important?: Why is Recycling Important? It saves energy - When using recycled materials in the manufacturing process this requires less energy. Preserving raw materials - Thus no natural habitats get destroyed. Reducing air and water pollution. Resources:: Resources: Why is Recycling Important - Why it’s Important to Recycle and Compost - Brought to you by:: Brought to you by:

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