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Published on July 12, 2014

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The Importance of the Right Label Solution: The Importance of the Right Label Solution -: - Labels are arguably the most important purchase you make. Labels are not only your product identifier, but, are the means by which important information is conveyed with the item, whether it be customer address, product specifications, price, batch code orany of the other information required by business need and business legislation. Poor choices WILL cost you extra money when they do not perform as they should and incuradditional production costs or loss of customer confidence. -: - So how does one choose the Right Label Solution – one that is the perfect label for your product? There are a number of questions to be answered so that you get the label that suits YOUR business – labels are NOT a “one size fits all” product and it is essential you identify things like the right material, the budget, the printing method to maximise your investment. -: - Before you begin your label quest, ask the right questions. Durability Labels are most commonly printed on paper. However, if your label needs to have a long shelf life, then you can opt for a stronger adhesive type and a more durable material like a syntheticmedium . Depending upon your requirement, tamper proof labels and labels that can be customized for any particular industry or product, e.g. the chemical industry can require extreme levels of durability to ensure compliance with regulations. -: - Adhesive The surface to which the label will be attached is another important consideration – labels that peel off can be very expensive in time and lost revenue. For example, canned and refrigerated foods require stronger adhesives as there can be condensation on the surface. The environment the label will be used in also determines the quality, adhesive and paper type that you will need to use. -: - Size The size (and shape) of your labels are greatly influenced by not only the amount of information to be recorded, but, the degree of legibility required. Larger print sizes will tend to dictate larger size labels -: - Overprinting If you have the need to overprint your labels you will need to opt for labels that are compatible with the specification of the printers that are being used to perform the operation. The business need may necessitate the need for size-based custom label printing. -: - Answering these questions will give you a far more informed idea of exactly what label will be the Right Label Solution for you. -: - At Right Label Solutions , you can find the perfect match for all your labelling needs. From label printing to providing customizable solutions, RL Solutions can advise, specify and manufacture labels, for whatever requirements you have. With over 20 years of experience in the labelling industry, RL Solutions makes labels as simple as possible to as difficult as you can need them! At RL Solutions , labels are manufactured to suit all major printer brands like Zebra, Toshiba, Sato, Datamax O’Neil, Citizen and CAB. -: - We are a “one stop shop” and not only offer label making and printing, but also complete advanced labelling systems . Labels are as important as the product they are attached to! Visit -: - Call us - 1375 376065 - 01375 376 065 Email at - [email protected]

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