The Perfect Spot For A Family Biking Holiday- Morzine

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Published on July 14, 2014

Author: gogomontie



PowerPoint Presentation: Alpine cycling holidays have, in recent years, grown in status, to the point where they are now one of the most common types of activity holiday. Families, in particular, seem to derive considerable enjoyment from this type of break, and it is not uncommon to see parents leading their children in a cycling tour of Alpine roads and wooded areas. PowerPoint Presentation: In this regard, one location in particular stands out as the perfect spot in which to enjoy a family biking holiday: Morzine. Already known as considerably family-friendly when it comes to winter sports, this charming resort cements its reputation by offering the necessary infra-structure and conditions for an enjoyable family break during the warmer months as well. PowerPoint Presentation: In terms of what exactly makes this particular location such a good fit for a family Alpine biking holiday, Morzine offers a number of strong selling points that help endear it to the winter crowd, and should do the same with families visiting during the spring and summer to explore the region by bike. Below are a few of the most important. Infrastructure: Infrastructure Even in the context of Alpine resorts, this is one of the best equipped when it comes to infrastructure. The ever-important chair lifts, for example, are plentiful - and parents returning from a day of cycling with tired children will no doubt be appreciative of their existence! Similarly, within the resort itself, there are several resources available for emergencies, such as small shops where essentials can be bought. Bike rental outfits also operate during the warm months, being replaced by ski rentals in the winter. All these amenities are likely to be much appreciated by families staying in the area, and are the resort's first strong argument to sustain its family-friendliness. Great Trails: Great Trails Another feature of the region that is likely to endear it to families are its great, moderately challenging trails, perfect for a family outing. While the resort does also possess some of the steepest turns in the French countryside, it nevertheless offsets them with a number of woodland trails, which are sure to delight younger members of the family. A spot of road cycling around the easiest stretches - always taking care to observe the due precautions and protections - can also make for an excellent outing when visiting this region of the Alps. Price: Price Last but not least in the list of things that make it a great location for a family biking holiday, Morzine is relatively affordable to stay in when compared to other Alpine resorts. This is especially true in the warm months, when the price of accommodation in the region as a whole tends to go down; so families wanting something relatively affordable, yet also interesting and fun, could do worse than to look into this resort as an alternative. PowerPoint Presentation: All these reasons and more make this particular location an excellent setting for a family cycling holiday, and should be taken into account by parents wanting to take their children to the Alps. Resources: PowerPoint Presentation: Thank you!

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