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Published on July 9, 2014

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The premier IT B school-SCIT: The premier IT B school-SCIT 7/9/2014 1 The need for an MBA in IT: The need for an MBA in IT Post graduation is not restricted to general management You can do field specific MBA’s as well Gone are the days when MBA in general management was enough… IT companies are experiencing a dearth of professionals at the managerial level The consistent growth of IT companies is increasing the need for professionally qualified managers The road ahead also indicates a frantic pace of growth and therefore a guaranteed increase in the need of MBA in IT professionals 7/9/2014 2 Do I need to go to an IT B school? : Do I need to go to an IT B school? When you talk about MBA’s, the usual concept is restricted to a business school But if you want to do a specialization MBA, the normal B school will not do You need a B school offering a course that is in tandem with the industry that you plan to specialize in Even in case of information technology, the focus has to be on choosing an IT B school so that you get an opportunity to understand the real time scenario In simple terms, IT B school is the best place to understand the importance of managerial principles with regards to the IT domain 7/9/2014 3 SCIT-The premier IT B school: SCIT-The premier IT B school When you talk about IT B schools in India, very few places like Symbiosis Center for Information& Technology, Pune that emerge as the most reliable choice Located in the scenic valley of Pune , SCIT offers full time as well as part time MBA programs allowing students to specialize in the domain of IT Being a part of the Symbiosis family, SCIT offers world class academic infrastructure motivating the students to learn more efficiently 7/9/2014 4 What do we offer: What do we offer MBA in ITBM A unique degree spread over a span of two years that focuses on familiarizing students with the dynamic environment of the IT industry and the impact of managerial principles in this scenario. The residential MBA program takes fresh pass-outs as well as those with work experience. Executive MBA One of the best programs developed in accordance with the need of working professionals. Being a three year weekend only program, professionals can pursue this course along with their job making it a preferred option. 7/9/2014 5 Why choose us?: Why choose us? If you are wondering why should you choose us, here are a few reasons: We are India’s premier IT B school Best in class pedagogy with a world class learning environment Well equipped campus Your chance to be a part of the prestigious Symbiosis family You get to do an MBA in Symbiosis Exposure to industry Excellent placement programs 7/9/2014 6 Admission process: Admission process Being associated to the Symbiosis family, the MBA in ITBM takes in students on the basis of SNAP test Once the admissions are declared open, you have to register yourself on the SNAP site and appear for the exam Basis the exam score and your performance, you will be shortlisted for the GD/PI that follows For the executive MBA, admissions are given on the basis of direct applications followed by a round of personal interview. Final merit list is declared at the college 7/9/2014 7 Your promise to a better future: SCIT: Your promise to a better future: SCIT On being admitted to SCIT, you are actually booking yourself an opportunity to make your career grow From the holistic training module to the best in class teaching techniques, SCIT takes every effort to ensure that you are ready for the world of challenges in the corporate IT sector. The degree from SCIT makes you eligible for better positions in the IT industry Excellent placement support ensures that you get a job of your interest with a salary that makes you feel happy! Complete personality development thanks to the blend of academics and extra curricular activities on campus 7/9/2014 8 Thank You!: Thank You! 7/9/2014 9

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