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Published on May 6, 2011

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The 18th Century: The 18 th Century By: Kevin Cox, Cody Simpkins, and Jordan McCoy Events That Impacted Literary Works in the 18th Century: Events that impacted literary works in the 18 th century: 1701-1702, The Daily Courant and The Norwich Post become the first daily newspapers in England because the English thought that since there was a new land in the West there would need to be a way of knowing what was going on over there. The Federalist essays by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay were written after the Declaration of Independence. The first said American novel is William Hill Brown’s The Power of Sympathy , which is about a couple that were brother and sister who fell in love without knowing they were related. This was inspired by Brown because stories like this often happened in the 18 th century. Maybe not with brothers and sisters but with family it did. Events That Impacted Literary Works in the 18 th Century Major Authors of the 18th Century: Major Authors of the 18 th Century Joseph Addison- a romantic poet, essayist and playwright. Addison’s Works: Divine Ode, The Countess of Manchester, and To Sir Godfrey Keller Jonathan Edwards- “The Freedom of Will” he wrote. Along with other works he was 3 rd President of Princeton. He also wrote Charity and it’s Fruits, Original Sin, and the Nature of True Virtue. William Blake- British Writer. He achieved very little in the beginning of his writing but eventually became a genius poet. He wrote Holy Thursday, I Heard An Angel, and Infant Sorrow. Economics: Economics It was an agricultural economy. The south was based on slave labor. Trade with England was vital, the English capital was very important to develop industry. The southern colonies were based on plantations (mostly tobacco.) The New England colonies were based on ship building, lumbering, etc. The New England contained more of a “middle class.” The south’s middle class was the small-time land owners. Society: Society This day and age, land was a huge part in the society for life. There was greed, labor forces, high taxes, and so on and so forth. Peasantry was an issue as well along with individual rights being an issue. But what it all came down to was quality and quantity of life for the majority of the communities. Cultural Beliefs: Cultural Beliefs The main focus or impression that was most important was what you looked like. What you would wear and dress yourself in. Peoples image was huge back in this time, they could “understand” or tell if you were wealthy or not or what position you stood at in society. Women only had 2-4 outfits and were usually only made from wool or linen. Their elbows and knees were ALWAYS to be covered! They were big on not getting germs so that meant that the clothing that did not get washed did not touch the skin and was worn above another set of clothing. Men didn’t have more than 2-4 outfits either and their outfits were made of wool and linen as well. Their clothes were usually sewn by their wives and they also did not wash them and tried as much as possible to keep it off of their bodies. Prevalent Literary Themes: Prevalent Literary Themes The time of revolution is all about courage. As you said Anglo-Saxons=Heroes. The rebels=courageous-heroes saving the rights of the Americans. Because they weren’t free they would do anything to gain freedom. They knew that going against a well trained army wouldn’t be easy but it was something they had to do and it was for the better of America. Literary Work of the 18th Century The Rape of the Lock: Literary Work of the 18 th Century The Rape of the Lock Belinda wakes up for the day after sleeping to late to get ready for the day. In her dream from the previous night her guardian tells her that something bad will happen to her but she will try to protect her. That night she goes to a party outside of London where there are a bunch of wealthy people. A man named Baron has been planning for a while to steal a lock of Belinda’s hair. He woke up early that day to pray about it to steal it. He attempts two straight times that night but fails. After an intense game of cards which the Pope says is a battle, they all go for a round of coffee, Baron attempts again at taking a lock of hair in which he is successful. Belinda gets irritated with him and starts a fight with the men and women there and that causes the lock of hair to get lost. Pope suggests that the lock has been taken up into heaven. Alexander Pope: Alexander Pope Pope is the son of a catholic-merchant and a mother of a Yorkshire family. He was inspired to write The Rape of the Lock from a quarrel between two families which whom Pope was acquainted. It was an interesting event said Pope and he said it was quite enjoyable to write about. Popular Writing Forms in the 18th Century: Popular Writing Forms in the 18 th Century Satire became a new style of writing in the 1700’s. Satire- any piece of writing designed to make its readers feel critical- of themselves, of their fellow human beings, of their society Satire appears mostly in fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and drama Satire thrives in Western Europe, beginning early in Italy and appearing later in Spain. Most famously found in a parody of medieval romances “Don Quixote.” No matter how humorous a satire can be, its ultimate moral is often serious. Helpful Websites: Helpful Websites Extras: Extras (Nine Man Morrs – an 18 th Century Game) (Tip-Cat – an 18 th Century Game) Pictures of the Authors: Pictures of the Authors Joseph Addison Jonathon Edwards William Blake

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