The role of personal life coach for human empowerment

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Published on July 14, 2014

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The role of personal life coach for human empowerment: The role of personal life coach for human empowerment The term coach means trainer or instructor who is specialized or has expertise in the fields of studies that include psychology, adult education, management or organizational, sociological practices. Personal life coach as such can be defined as a person who has expertise or skills in helping individuals to unlock their own capabilities and in realizing their potential so that they can live in accordance with their desires. The personal life coaches as such are not consultants nor are they glamorous celebrities, public icons or superheroes.   These people are specialists in understanding and helping in addressing the specific personal projects, business successes, transitions and general conditions of their clients’ personal life, relationships or profession by examining what is going on right now, discovering what are their (clients) barriers or challenges might be and helping them in choosing a course of action to make their life happy and secure. Life coaches are special people who are armed with techniques or tools from disciplines aimed at self development, such as sociology, behavioral science, psychology and organizational theory with an objective towards helping and supporting people to develop self-awareness of habits and to achieve and in identifying their personal goals. PowerPoint Presentation: The role of personal life coach is to offer a caring and supportive yet challenging and inspiring coaching environment that encourages their clients to flourish and prosper in their life. Some life coaches also indulge in spiritual life coaching that involves helping people to understand the true meaning of their lives through spiritual guidance that involves using a blend of one to one interaction synthesized by guided meditation, soul or spiritual connection and highly perspective questioning. Some critics of life coaching see life coaching similar to psychotherapy without any restrictions, regulation or any established ethical practices.   It should be noted that all people or persons who call themselves as life coach are not certified by an accredited professional school nor are they true coaches. Therefore, people hiring the services of life coach must hire only those coaches who are duly certified. Certification is very important as life coaching is a profession that requires very specific standards and foundation of training that can only be provided or taught in qualified schools or institutions. There are some regulations and exemptions concerned with life coaching activities in the United States. In totality, it can be said the role of personal life coach is very important for human empowerment and to the human society as a whole.

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