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Published on August 11, 2014

Author: edJEWcon



Agenda:: 1. Best Practices of a flipped classrroom 2. Join me on a tour of a flipped Mishna class 3. DIY: Creating engaging follow up tools 4. What is student opinion of EdTech tools? 5. Takeaway presents 6. Conclusion and questions Agenda : Flipped Classroom : Flipped Classroom Best Practices, Advantages and Challenges in the EdTech’ed Jewish Classroom Smadar Goldstein, EdJEWCon Some recording tools: Some recording tools Agenda: Introductions Successes, Goals and Challenges of Flipped Classroom Tour of a Flipped Best Practices of a Flipped Follow up Activities for Flipped Play time Questions and Conclusions Agenda PowerPoint Presentation: What’s your favorite part of Flipped? Touring a Flipped Classroom: Touring a Flipped Classroom What are best practices?: What are best practices? How to keep track of Flipped & Why I love an LMS: How to keep track of Flipped & Why I love an LMS PowerPoint Presentation: I used to think it would be really hard and confusing about how to organize the information. Now, I don’t even know how I lived without google drive and using an LMS – the organization is EASIER online!!!! Yeshivat Kadimah student, 2014-2015 Recording Tool Tour:: Recording Tool Tour: "…allows the student to think outside of the box. " PD Mentee, Paramus, NJ Which category does Lino fall into?: Which category does Lino fall into? PowerPoint Presentation: I like the lino boards because it’s a great example of how you can build on what people say – literally. The boards always look so cool because there are stickies upon stickies and sometimes they branch off and/or you can add new ideas. (Also in general, someone can ask a question publicly and everyone can answer – everyone’s teaching everyone.) Can you Lino?: Can you Lino? 1. Think of a Lino Board Activity. Prepare: a question, image &/or video you would post. 2. Share it with a peer. 3. Offer feedback. 4. Revise. 5. Save for later.... Guidelines to create your own Lino Board Giveaways: Tech Tips: Giveaways: Tech Tips 1. JETS Blogs : Highlights of tools and experiences. 2. How to Create a Lino Board screencast. 3. Opportunity to view my LMS (email) 4. PD opportunities: PLP , JETS (Solomon Shechter discounts) PLP blog PowerPoint Presentation: [email protected]

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