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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: cbrownfx



PowerPoint Presentation: The following pictures taken 3/8/14 will show that none of the above has happened. The only thing that has happened is that Caleb & his mother caused additional damage to the home, didn’t clean, and took items that should have stayed in the home. Had I been able to do my weekly visits I would have been able to bring up these issues prior to it getting to this point. Every Tuesday @ 6p that I went there as instructed by attorney Rygh there was nobody there to let me in the home to do inspections. PowerPoint Presentation: The ceiling fan that came with the house has been removed. PowerPoint Presentation: A cap has been placed where the fan in the living room was located with a handprint to the right PowerPoint Presentation: This is urine & you can see stains in Carpet. It clearly wasn’t cleaned. PowerPoint Presentation: A water bottle left next to the urine with Caleb’s Mothers name on it. I believe she was here to help cause further damage & steal what items were left of mine as well as appliances. PowerPoint Presentation: Half of the kitchen has been painted pink. PowerPoint Presentation: The stove appears to have been destroyed & definitely wasn’t cleaned. PowerPoint Presentation: The glass window on stove. PowerPoint Presentation: This is where the refrigerator was. It has been stolen & kitchen wasn’t cleaned. PowerPoint Presentation: The door to the pantry is broken. PowerPoint Presentation: Only some of the walls have been painted PowerPoint Presentation: Holes in the walls & chipped paint he agreed to fix. PowerPoint Presentation: This is where my grandmothers fireplace was. It was there in January. Why isn’t it there now? PowerPoint Presentation: Most recent MSA where he claims he doesn’t have my fire place PowerPoint Presentation: Here you can see where the fireplace was sitting. The marks are still in the carpet. Caleb & his mother took it. The MSA has been resubmitted b/c he wrote in the margins that it is not in his possession. PowerPoint Presentation: The next few slides will show this condition Gordone Wells room was left in. The walls have been painted halfway. Covers for the electrical sockets have been removed. The ceiling fan was also removed from this room. PowerPoint Presentation: This is where the ceiling fan was. PowerPoint Presentation: Video showing broken door handle to the room Gordone wells was staying in. PowerPoint Presentation: More partially painted walls. All the paint in the house has to be completely redone due to the fact that I am unable to go to the store & get the exact match from what they picked out. This was supposed to be Caleb’s responsibility. PowerPoint Presentation: Smoke detectors have been taken. It’s going to take $30 approximately for me to replace each one that was taken. PowerPoint Presentation: Door handle taken. PowerPoint Presentation: More stains on carpet that wasn’t cleaned. PowerPoint Presentation: Another wall that is stained & wasn’t painted. PowerPoint Presentation: Same room as previous slide damage to wall that wasn’t fixed. PowerPoint Presentation: Broken towel rack in the bathroom off the master suite. PowerPoint Presentation: Items thrown on roof of garage. In picture to the right you also see that part of the roof has been damaged that wasn’t previously there. Damaged siding PowerPoint Presentation: Damage to roof of garage. This was deliberate. This part of the garage is around 10 fee high. No way for this to get damaged without it being done intentionally. PowerPoint Presentation: Incredibly dirty AC vent. PowerPoint Presentation: The stove/kitchen counter. Basic cleaning that was supposed to be done hasn’t been done. It appears that he only emptied the house & took everything he possibly could which was not part of the agreement. PowerPoint Presentation: House wasn’t pressure washed like he agreed to do. PowerPoint Presentation: This is the condition the garage was left in. Nobody tried to clean up any of the stains. PowerPoint Presentation: Damaged to the garage light that wasn’t previously there. PowerPoint Presentation: Stains he left on pavers that he agreed to clean. PowerPoint Presentation: The garage is covered in oil which he agreed to clean. PowerPoint Presentation: Document showing the house came with the appliances

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