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Published on February 21, 2011

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Slide 1: TIANSHI INTERNATIONAL PAKISTAN Co, (Pvt) Ltd T O M ( TIENS Opportunity Meeting ) A registered Company with SECP,CBR Slide 2: OVERVIEW OF PROGRAM 1) Company Profile 2) STPs (Show the Products) 3) STP (Show the Plan) Slide 3: TIANSHI INTERNATIONAL PAKISTAN Co,(Pvt)Ltd Part 1. COMPANY PROFILE A registered Company with SECP,CBR Who are we? Where are we from? Where are we going?: Who are we? Where are we from? Where are we going? Slide 6: TIENS --OUR NAME Slide 7: TIENS Brand Core--One World, One Family Extraordinary Innovation Paramount Responsibility Excellent Teamwork TIENS Brand Value Concept Brand Slogan- Together We Share: Brand Slogan- Together We Share FACTS FINDING:: FACTS FINDING: Since 1995. 14 yrs good &professional global marketing history Over 16 Million Independent Distributors worldwide No.1 Chinese DSO (Direct Selling Organization) No.215 among 2008 Top 500 Chinese Companies Registered Companies operating in 110 countries 50,000 agent offices/stockists worldwide Member of WFDSA CEO Council (World Federation of Direct Selling Associations) Listed in AMEX on Apr.2005,NASDAQ on Sept.2003,as : TIENS Biotech Group USA Inc Slide 12: TIENS R&P facilities in China, US, Malaysia, Vietnam ,Egypt…!Logistic centres in Spain, Dubai… TIENS owns its Transport Company, Hotel complex, University Tourism company ,retail business &Registered Companies worldwide TIENS Donated $200 million to charity causes worldwide, including 2 donations in Pakistan Company President Top 20 Biggest entrepreneurs in China Co. President Vice Chairman of the China Health Association Target : a Fortune 500 company Slide 13: TIENS Values: Teamwork Integrity Education Negative-less Success Slide 14: Registered Trademarks, please do not use until authorized =TIENS logo ® = TIENS Trademark ® =TIENS cosmetics trademark® =Logo for retail chain ® TIENS should already be capital ,unless in Tiens Group Slide 15: TIANSHI INTERNATIONAL PAKISTAN Co,(Pvt)Ltd—Since 2002 A legitimate Company in Pakistan, registered with SECP,CBR www.tiens.com www.tiens.com.pk Registration with SECP,CBR TIENS KARACHI BRANCH (Registered office ) 250/1 Mezzanine Floor, Asia Pacific Trade Center,Main Rashid Minhas Rd, KHI Tel : 021-4636604/5 Fax: 021-4636606 email:[email protected] TIENS ISLAMABAD Stockiest Service Center (Principle Office) Basement, Bannerstore Shopping Plaza, Block No. 20-A, Main Civic Centre, Markaz G-8, Islamabad Tel: 051-2255204 Fax:051-2253259 email:[email protected] TIENS LAHORE Stockiest Service Center House 68-A,Block C/3, Gulberg–III,Lahore Tel: 042-7743575 /6 Fax: : 0 email: [email protected] tiens.com.pk TIENS PESHAWAR Stockiest Service Center 1st Floor, AL-HAJ TOWER, Plot No 22-A, 21-E-B, 21-A-E ,University Road, PSW Tel: 091-5843263/5 Fax:091-5846108 email: [email protected] tiens.com.pk TIENS MULTAN BRANCH 277,Shamasabad,Multan Tel: 061-4589894 Fax: 061-4546394 email: [email protected] tiens.com.pk Customer Help Line:111 640 640 Website:www.tiens.com.pk Slide 16: TIENS TODAY Please click to play <TIENS TODAY> Slide 17: TIANSHI INTERNATIONAL PAKISTAN Co,(Pvt)Ltd Part 2 STPs (Show the Products) A legitimate Company registered with SECP,CBR Slide 18: TIENS quality food supplements are neither drugs nor medicines! Slide 19: FOOD SUPPLEMENTS (4 step to health, functions& use sequence) Cleansing Balancing Strengthening Replenishing TEAS / INTERNAL CLEANSER / HIFIBER / MAYFAIRER / MOTABOLIC / XLIM PACK… CALCIUM I,II,III,IV / ZINC / PROTEIN / NUTRIONAL MEAL / CHILDREN IQ / COFFEE / TIENS PRO… CHITOSAN / SIPRULINA / MEN’S&WOMEN’S FORMULA / MIND CALM&CLEAR VISION / BEAUTY FACE / ESSENTIAL / TRIPPLE GENSENG / SWEET DREAM / MANKA / DIACONT / MOTABOLISM… TONGCHONGCAO = IMMUNE SYSTEM / LINGZHE / ANTI-OXIDANT / CARDIO SYSTEM / FISH OIL… SOUND HEALTH “Health is a state of complete physical, mental & social well-being and not merely absence of disease or infirmity”--WHO: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental & social well-being and not merely absence of disease or infirmity ”--WHO Please click to PLAY S.T.Ps Slide 21: TIANSHI INTERNATIONAL PAKISTAN Co,(Pvt)Ltd Part 3 STP (Show the Plan) A legitimate Company registered with SECP,CBR Slide 22: 4 Ways to Make a Living: E B S I Men At work POOR RICH Employee: You have a job Self Employed:You own a job Investor:Money work for you Business owner:People work for you Left Quad(E&S)=people work for money Right Quad(B&I)=money work for people Money At work Slide 23: 1%of 100 people’s efforts is better than 100%efforts of 1 man 1. A job=employment, work for others (trading time for money) 2. Conventional business = business owner (investment & risk high) 3. Self employment= Leveraged income, work for you-- network marketing 4. Investor 4 ways people makes a living : Slide 24: Distribution cost is 80% due to middlemen in the Conventional Business Business End user COSTS to be paid by END USER Advertising Transport Wholesaler Distributor Supplier Retailer m i d m a n Slide 25: Network Marketing (NWM) What does Amazon, eBay, Easyjet…the most successful business models today have in common? They bring closer, blur the edges in between ,give reward and incentives, loyalty, to form partnerships… Business Distributor Consumer B 2 C Slide 26: The Richest Man on Earth: Bill Gates says Latest Trends of the 21st Century “Given another chance I will choose Direct Selling Business” Slide 27: Start-up cost as low as Rs.900 only High returns, low risk Flexible working hours No previous experience required Quality products More work ,more income Global business platform in 110 countries A Wonderful Business with Slide 28: Sources of Income in TIENS Business 5% ~ 40% DIRECT BONUS 4% ~ 35% INDIRECT BONUS 1% ~ 8% LEADERSHIP BONUS SPECIAL BONUS (Int’l Tours; Brand Cars; Yachts; Private jet; Villas etc) 1 ~ 5% GLOBAL BONUS (% of Global bonus based on team sales performance) 40% AUTOSHIP BONUS B Plan… 55% Slide 29: BRONZE LION SILVER LION GOLD LION DIAMOND LION DIRECTOR 3 PHASES TO SUCCESS IN TIENS LEARNING PHASE (1-4) 3. ACHIEVING PHASE (>BL) 2. BEGINNING PHASE (5-8) Slide 30: The TIENS Compensation Plan 1st priority=width depth speed steadiness enthusiasm 2* 3* 4 * 5* 6* 7* 8* 5% 20% 15% 24% 4-19% 28% 4-21% 1% 32% 4-21% 1% 0.5% 0.5% 36% 4-31% 1% 0.5% 0.5% 0.5% 0.5% 40% 4-35% 2% 1% 0.5% 0.5% 0.3% 0.3% 0.2% 0.2% Learning phase Beginning phase 1* 5 FACTORS 4 NETWORK Slide 31: NEVER MAKE THE BEGINNING OF BUSINESS INTO END 2* 3* 4* 5* 6* 7* 8* 100BV 300BV 1500BV 3X 3* 6000BV 3X 4* 25000 3X5* 100000 3X6* 400000 3X7* Or double the PV on two legs 2x5*+4x4* 1x5*+6x4* 1x6*+6x5* 2x6*+4x5* 1x7*+6x6* 2x7*+4x6* Learning phase Beginning phase 3x2* 5 FACTORS FOR A GOOD NETWORK: width depth speed steadiness enthusiasm 1* Slide 32: The TIENS Compensation Plan From 8*,Each Step you move forward is called a Success Curve!You get on each Curve a pearl for a necklace! Don’t stop !Complete the beautiful Necklace called Success! Bronze Lion 8 star Silver Lion Gold Lion Diamond Lion Honorary Director International Travel Allowance 1-8% of the Global turnover in Leadership Bonus pool Achieving phase Slide 33: Welcome to TIENS Can I do this business? Yes! Previous knowledge or experience not necessary What you need is positive-thinking, positive-working, honest-working, hard-working, smart-working ,& duplication, & GOOD TEACHABILITY Unique &Proven Training and support System. Slide 34: TIENS SYSTEM IS THE SECRET WEAPON TO SUCCESS www.tiens.com , www.tiens.com.pk Books, Focus, websites… Tapes, Cassettes, CD/ VDD, DVD… Home Party, Tom, NDT, BBS, Rally Training, Meeting ,Seminar, International Convention TOM (TIENS Opportunity Meeting) NDT (New Distributor Training) BBS (Business Building Seminar) That man made mistakes, not because he didn't know ,but because he thought that he knew everything. ---- Jean Jacques Rousseau LEARN & EARN Slide 35: LEARN TO EARN-International Seminars Slide 36: Dropout MNA Gufar Car on hold due to low sales share Slide 37: Welcome to TIENS special awards Largest conference: 100,000 attendees (Jakarta) 670,000 people qualified for International travel 1358 cars awarded 168 yachts 111 airplanes 45 luxury villas… above data is updated till 2007 Pakistan: 22 Brand Car Awardees,2 Yacths,1Jet till 2009 Slide 38: Together We Share (Click to play CHINA VCD) Please click to play Together We Share Slide 39: TIANSHI INTERNATIONAL PAKISTAN Co,(Pvt)Ltd 3 Basic Roles of a Distributor 3 Use & sell products Build sales network for more sales motivate & teach network how to do 1&2 8 Positive Attitudes for Success: 8 Positive Attitudes for Success my own business attitude Active attitude Success attitude Hardworking attitude Learn and earn attitude Persistency attitude Matter-of-fact attitude Thanks-giving attitude Basic Requirements for a GOOD upline: : 8 Basic Requirements for a GOOD upline: 1>clearly knows the roles for a net-worker &upline 2>knows how to communicate 3>praise& motive team to increase their faith 4>role-model. No dumping negative ideas/ messages to downline 5>be considerate ,understand the needs and problem of downline 6>constantly reinforce the downline’s confidence to success 7>care the downline 8>be a visionary leader 7 Essential Traits for a good net-worker:: 7 Essential Traits for a good net-worker: 1: A Positive Outlook/attitude /mentality 2: Teachability .Focus on training &follow training 3 : Generosity 4 : Skin Like a Rhino–able to handle negative impact 5 : Enthusiasm 6 : Drive 7 : Incredible Persistence Pitfalls for a Net-worker: : 7 Pitfalls for a Net-worker : 1: Reinventing the Wheel 2: A Small – time Attitude 3: Making Yourself the Issue 4: Taking Rejection Personally 5: Neglecting Your Retail Sales 6: Listening to the Dream Stealers 7: Abusing Your Sponsor Page 73,Chapter 4, Wave 3 –the Era in Network Marketing ,by Mr. Richard Poe INDICATORS FOR AN IMMUTURE NETWORKER: : 6 INDICATORS FOR AN IMMUTURE NETWORKER : 1. Anxious only about gain 2. No self-discipline & self improvement 3. Always be controlled by emotions 4. Complaining +Whining 5. Work on instinct & feeling –no learning ,no plan, no target 6. No faith, No vision Slide 45: Unicore Requirement of a Successful Networker Vision positive attitude take action faith pray

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