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Published on August 10, 2019

Author: DerickMildred

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1. How to Overcome Trolls, Idiots & Even Date Requests.

2. How to Overcome Trolls, Idiots & Even Date Requests. Unfortunately, these days, troll’s and idiots are becoming more prevalent on LinkedIn, not a week goes by without hearing from friends and connections how they’ve experienced insults, harassment and even been propositioned! On LinkedIn, most users are respectful people who would like to see LinkedIn remain as a professional network for everybody. Unfortunately, there a re a few who think they can hide behind their keyboard and show a lack of courtesy to others by behaving badly.

3. So how does one deal with Troll’s, Idiots and even people asking you for a date? Simple. Do NOT engage with them, just block them. To Block them, Right Click Your mouse while hovering on their name, open up their profile in a new window, click on More, then select Report / Block and in 2 more steps that person will be blocked, it’s literally that easy. Once they’re blocked, they won’t be able to access your profile, message you or view your shared content. Now you can enjoy some peace of mind! How to Overcome Trolls, Idiots & Even Date Requests.

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