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Published on July 8, 2014

Author: SansanCorporation

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PowerPoint Presentation: 3 Ways to Impress Your Clients with Sansan PowerPoint Presentation: Wouldn't it be great if you could be personally introduced to potential clients? PowerPoint Presentation: In my experience, when I would finally get a meeting with a potential client, I had to spend a full hour on small talk and getting to know the client. I had to go into the meeting without any details or back ground information that could have been helpful in building our relationship . Then, the client said "So, how is your boss, David doing ?” I couldn't believe my ears . I had no idea that my boss already had a relationship with this potential new client . The next day, I talked to my boss David and found out they had been business partners and continued to have a good relationship . David knew all about the client's hobbies and career . Think about all of the time I could have saved if I had known about this relationship . PowerPoint Presentation: To avoid wasting time like I did, here are  three tips to build better relationships with your clients . PowerPoint Presentation: #1 Make a connection with your new client through mutual acquaintances and common interests Sansan has a feature to find mutual acquaintances in your contact list called "Who has".       This feature automatically shows you mutual acquaintances that you have with your client from among all of your team members.
You can see the information about who you are meeting, or who you want to meet, by pushing the "Who has"  button  before your meeting.   This way, it takes less time to build a relationship with your client. PowerPoint Presentation: #2 Check the contact "History" to find out a little about their career history Sansan has a personal ID feature which enables you to identify multiple cards from same contact throughout their career. This feafure scans all your team's contacts for exsisting information.     Using the personal ID feature, Sansan offers you the ability to build a contact "History".    if you check the "History" before your meeting, you can get up to speed on  her/his career or changes in position in their current company. With this information you can anticipate your client's needs.     All you need to do is just scan their business card.      PowerPoint Presentation: #3 Use the "History" to check for changes in business card design Companies consider their concept or philosophy carefully when they design their business cards. They want business cards to communicate what they stand for a company.          By the using the "History" feature, you can take note any changes in the design of your client's business cards. You can then discuss the change with your client to find out where they're at and where they're going as a company.      Sansan not only stores the text from business cards, it also shows you an image of the original cards. PowerPoint Presentation: So, let's try it out ! Get the app and start using Sansan right now for free.   https:// en.sansan.com /

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