Tips for decorating your home with western home décor

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Published on August 11, 2014

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Tips for decorating your home with western home décor: Tips for decorating your home with western home décor Home is the place where a person lives his or her whole life and those living on the western part of the globe should consider having western home décor that reflects the need for stability and sophistication. Irrespective of whether the person is, adding character to a new home or getting home ready to sell it is quite easy when decorating the home with western home décor. All it needs for the person is to envision a Western landscape as part of the home and putting in the right pieces or western home furnishings in place. The following below mentioned tips would help in decorating your home with western home décor . Color palette: One of the easiest ways to bring in Western feeling into the home is through color. The western color pattern that echoes the colors of nature, such as sunset red, leafy green, sky blue, earthy brown and wet clay yellow aptly fits in as the color pattern that can be used for painting throughout the home. A simple, rustic living room with chocolate color and brownish texture creates a warm cowboy type living room. The walls of the living room can be painted with light tan walls and neutral floor colors. Using neutrals as the base colors give the freedom to change the color scheme whenever the homeowner wants . Thinking small: Kitchen is another place that does not need a lot of space or a huge budget to get a western look. The kitchen cabinet hardware can be replaced with wrought iron pulls, adding Navajo inspired pillows and baskets, hanging photos and artifacts of the Old West on the wall that help making the kitchen like a western home décor. These little touches would help in making a bigger impact on the overall transformation. PowerPoint Presentation: The guest room: The guest room is a warm and welcoming place that forms the first place of inspiration with layered neutrals and rusts. The different shades of cream, buckskin, tan and brown neutral palette can easily be updated from season to season. The similar prints and colors create a cohesive element without looking like a showroom floor. The beaded curtains can add attraction to the guest room.   Think natural: The unifying theme about western home décor is nature. Our ancestors used whatever was available with nature at that time to do what they needed. Therefore, it is better to keep an eye out for materials that are natural to your surroundings and use them to breathe a western spirit into your home. These items may include stone, mud, animal bones, hides, native plants, grasses, and recycled objects are just a few examples.   Equestrian bedroom: The bedroom to get its rustic look can be decorated with rustic lamp, quirky vase, worn in hats and rusty horseshoes that add so much character to the room. For getting real western bedroom décor beds can be splashed with Red Rodeo Bed Sets. The bedroom with an iron bed style is a superb way of getting a western outlook.

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