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Published on August 1, 2014

Author: frankcorazza



TiPs for creating engaging presentations: TiPs for creating engaging presentations By Getcourse Tips that we’ll cover: Tips that we’ll cover Structure Font Images and Graphics Organization Format Voiceover Tip#1: Create a narrative: Tip#1: Create a narrative Start with a course overview EX. Previous slide End with a conclusion that wraps up main points Make sure your PowerPoint has a beginning, middle and an end Utilize title text boxes and make sure the main point is stated on each slide Tip #2: use simple font: Tip #2: use simple font Using simple, attractive typeface is best in order to make sure your audience can read the slides clearly. Arial , Helvetica, Verdana Lucida , Comic Sans, Bookman Tip# 2: Use Simple font con’t: Tip# 2: Use Simple font con’t Use italics to emphasize key points . Avoid using multiple elements and remember to keep it consistent. Only capitalize when NECESSARY. Tip #3: break up text with graphics: Tip #3: break up text with graphics Include images and graphics that are relevant to your presentation , of good quality and original. Avoid using unappealing and unrelated images in your presentation, like the one above. Tip #4: Stick to one idea per slide: Tip #4: Stick to one idea per slide If there is a lot of information in one slide, break it up. It is not only distracting but a bore to see. Which leads us to our next tip…. Tip #5: use the rule of 7x7: Tip #5: use the rule of 7x7 The 7x7 PowerPoint rule is simple No more than 7 lines per slide And 7 words per line This rule keeps your audience: Attentive Engaged Focused Tip #6: End with a strong conclusion: Tip #6: End with a strong conclusion Remember Nancy Duartes mnemonic: S implify L ose the clichés I nformation needs emphasis D esignate elements E mpathy for the audience Tip #7: utilize voiceover: Tip #7: utilize voiceover You can utilize voiceover to enhance your presentation by clicking the audio button above Voiceover helps your presentation by… Allowing it to stand alone Making it easier to follow along

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