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Published on August 2, 2014

Author: rogers115214



PowerPoint Presentation: Tips for Missouri Goose hunting Goose hunting is an activity which can be quite daunting to both amateurs and professionals alike. There can be days when you spend hours trying to shoot down a goose but it all ends in a frustrating ending. There are a few basic Missouri goose hunting tips, some that u know but might have forgotten and some that are new to help you with the task. Firstly, one should know how to use the decoys. What type of decoys you use is not important as they all work just the same. The trick is to spread out the decoys giving the birds enough room to land. The geese are big birds that need space while landing. This will yield great results. Next, is type of goose call you make. Missouri goose hunting requires you learn two different types of goose calls that are complimentary to one another. One thing to be kept in mind is that you can blow a loud call soft, but you can't blow a soft call loud. Keep these tools at hand and be prepared in the field for the different conditions you may face. Also, another tip for goose calling is to keep it simple. Every day and every hunting situation is not the same but learning to communicate like a live goose at both high and slow volume can be very helpful. Next, thing that needs some stress upon is that while hunting in blind you need to be perfectly still. There should be absolutely no movement until the shot is called. It is said that if you can see the geese, they can see you better, so it is advised to be still and not move. If you are hunting on a foggy day it is important to stress on the sound of the goose rather than trying to spot them by sight. Once u know they are towards your spread try to use a flag instead to a call. This technique can be quite helpful in such a situation. This tip is particularly for people who are amateurs. They should practice to shoot in natural hunting situations as hunting is tough and opportunities are far and between so they need to make every shot count. While hunting in areas with higher hunting pressure don’t follow the crowd. Be different and think differently. That will make a lot of difference for Missouri goose hunting .

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