Tips How You Can Avoid Motor Cycle Accident

Information about Tips How You Can Avoid Motor Cycle Accident

Published on July 21, 2014

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Tips How You Can Avoid Motor Cycle Accident : Tips How You Can Avoid Motor Cycle Accident PowerPoint Presentation: Riding a motorcycle can be a fun filled experience, but it is also true that riding a motorbike can be more dangerous than driving cars. It is essential to know the safety tips if you don't want to be a part of the motorcycle accident record. Here are some tips that will keep you safe while riding on your magnificent machine – PowerPoint Presentation: Things  To Check Before You Ride :   Checks The Tires —  Tires keep you on the road, preventing skidding or slipping. Check the tires to find any objects stuck in them check the pressure and puncture if any . Check The Breaks —  However, the cables attached with the breaks are strong and unbreakable, but check for a curve and stiffness in the cables.  If the real wheel is operated with the chain check if the chain is properly tensioned, check in advance for fuel, lights, horn and mirrors. PowerPoint Presentation: Wear Helmet and Proper Clothing —  If you would have a crash wearing a helmet ensures the best possibility safety of your head but make sure that your helmet is up to the department of Transportation standards.  Along with the helmet, it is also essential to wear such clothing that provides you the best safety from scratches, cuts and wounds.  Fitted but comfortable leather jacket full- fingered gloves, long pants, and boots, wear sunglasses. Choose bright colors for your clothes so that other drivers and riders can see you from a distance too. PowerPoint Presentation: Things To Do When On The Road Don't Go Beyond Your Skill Level And Get Acquainted With The Common Causes of Accident — While riding on the road don't over speed to boast your expertise, just ride according to your skills. Knowledge is the best friend when you are on the road. If you are familiar with the common causes of accidents and the mistake that bikers do you can cut the risk by half percent caught in a crash PowerPoint Presentation: Be Cautious And Vigilant While On The Road — Roadside hazards like debris, trees, Embankments and guard rails are some most common hazards on the road and most likely to occur on curves and/or downhill road sections. Avoid Lane Sharing — Remain in your lane that is the far left lane, if you enter into the other lane for other vehicles. Generally car drivers don't expect any biker in their lane and be mindful only for other cars and failed to notice a biker in their lane that may be very dangerous for the motorcycle rider. Use Indicator at The Right Time — While on the road always use indicators to intimate other riders and drivers about your turn and turn off the indicator after taking the turn, false turn makes the rear vehicle drivers confused about your next move. PowerPoint Presentation: Keeping your motorcycle in excellent running condition should be your foremost concern towards safety. Check the engines, tires, lights, indicators, gear, regularly and if you are carrying a load, make sure it is secure. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident and have severe injuries and think that you were not at fault, consulting a motorcycle accident attorney riverside At  Law office Of Samer Habbas  for taking initial consultation or representation in the court can help you get the monetary compensation for your sufferings and loss of wages.

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