Tips to avoid getting a DUI during St. Patrick’s Day

Information about Tips to avoid getting a DUI during St. Patrick’s Day

Published on March 11, 2014

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Tips to avoid getting a DUI during St. Patrick’s Day: Tips to avoid getting a DUI during St. Patrick’s Day Planning Your St. Patrick’s Day Celebration: Planning Your St. Patrick’s Day Celebration St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to get together with friends. Simple planning can help you have fun and stay safe throughout the holiday weekend. Here are some helpful hints to remember this St. Patrick’s Day. Designated Drivers: Designated Drivers The easiest way to make sure that you and your friends get home safely is to designate a driver. Choose one person from the group who agrees not to drink while you are out. Be nice to your DD. Buying food and non-alcoholic beverages throughout the night is a great way to say thank you. Call a Cab: Call a Cab Calling a cab eliminates the need for a designated driver and allows everyone to have a few drinks. Call your cab company ahead of time to make arrangements. Be sure to have extra cash on hand to pay the fare. Hire a Limousine: Hire a Limousine St. Patrick’s Day is a special holiday, so celebrate in style with a limousine. Limousines are affordable, and your driver can take you to several bars throughout the night. A limo will pick you up from home and drop you off at the end of the night. Host Your Own Party: Host Your Own Party Having a party at your home means that you don’t have to worry about driving. Give your guests the option of staying the night so they don’t have to drive. Keep the number for a cab driver handy in case someone insists on going home. If You Get Pulled Over: If You Get Pulled Over Even if you aren’t legally intoxicated, you can be pulled over. Stay calm and don’t answer any incriminating questions. Ask to speak to your DUI lawyer before answering any questions. Defending Yourself: Defending Yourself If you are arrested on suspicion of DUI, remember that you have rights. You don’t have to answer any questions without your DUI attorney present. You have the right to use a legal defense that works for your case. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Responsibly: Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Responsibly The best way to avoid a DUI is to always drive sober. Designated drivers and cabs can help save the day. If there is public transportation where you live, be sure to include it in your St. Patrick’s Day plans. Contact Us: Contact Us 702-366-0891 [email protected] Image Attribution: Image Attribution All images from Description: Description When preparing for your St. Patrick’s Day festivities, ensure that you have a plan for how to get around throughout the night. Enlisting a designated driver or arranging for other transportation can save you significant headaches. Don’t get a DUI this St. Patrick’s Day and either bring along a DD or hire a taxi or limousine to make for a stress free St. Patrick’s Day.

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