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Published on August 6, 2014

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Tooth Whitening : Tooth Whitening – Have a Pearly Smile with Confidence PowerPoint Presentation: “Be true to your teeth and they won't be false to you ” - Soupy Sales Do you agree with the quote? If yes, then how could you be true to your teeth? Don’t know! A right teeth care is the best way to be true to your teeth. For perfect teeth, tooth whitening is the first step. PowerPoint Presentation: Why whiten my teeth ? To look great, attractive and clean Increases confidence Lowers your inferiority complex Give you a younger look PowerPoint Presentation: Is Tooth Whitening Safe? Research and clinical studies indicated that teeth whitening done in moderation under the supervision of an experienced dentist are safe for both teeth and gums. PowerPoint Presentation: How long will my teeth look whiter? This varies from person to person. But the effects of whitening normally last for many years depending on the maintenance. To keep your teeth look whiter for a longer period, touch ups may be required every six to twelve months. PowerPoint Presentation: Are there any side effects? After treatment, most patients feel sensitivity but this lessens after a few days. Even though, sensitivity decreases, you must take a break from whitening for a day or use sensitive reduction toothpaste. PowerPoint Presentation: Considerations after Tooth Whitening Brush and floss your teeth twice a day for two minutes Drink plenty of water throughout the day Have a sensible diet Avoid smoking and drinking Avoid drinks such as tea, coffee and red wine Visit you dentist twice a year PowerPoint Presentation: Craving for pearly teeth? Consult Dr. Gary Rahill , a leading cosmetic dentist in Oklahoma City who offers variety of dentistry under a single roof. Call @ (405) 728-7171 Or Visit

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