Top 4 advantages of Magento

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Published on July 28, 2014

Author: claraghosh



Top 4 advantages of Magento: Top 4 advantages of Magento Magento is among the best shopping cart development softwares, which can ensure great results. It can be used by both B2B and B2C industries, effectively. This open source software developed by Varien is built based on the components of Zend Framework. It is extremely flexible, and was launched in 2008. 1) It is an open source ecommerce shopping cart development platform, and is available for free. Being flexible and easy to use, it is very ideal for start up businesses. 2) It offers unlimited control over a wide variety of aspects such as look, feel, user experience, content marketing, user interface etc, thereby being more user friendly. PowerPoint Presentation: 4) It supports safe payment options and multiple payment gateways such as credit cards, PayPal, online banking etc...which will give more convenience to the shoppers, increase their trust towards the site and in turn increase the conversion rate. Now, those were 4 things which set Magento ahead of it’s competitors. If you would like to get an edge over your competitors by owning a shopping cart developed using Magento, just log on to

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