Top 6 Signs of Bad Piston Rings in Mini Cooper by Louisville Auto Expe

Information about Top 6 Signs of Bad Piston Rings in Mini Cooper by Louisville Auto Expe

Published on December 11, 2020

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slide 1: TOP 6 SIGNS OF BAD PISTON RINGS IN MINI COOPER BY LOUISVILLE’S AUTO EXPERTS slide 2: The internal combustion engine of a Mini consists of piston rings that surround the pistons. slide 3: S T E V E J O B S The main function of the piston rings is to seal the middle of the cylinder and piston during the combustion process. slide 4: The piston rings play a vital role in the smooth running of the engine. slide 5: Therefore it is important to recognize the signs of bad piston rings in your vehicle. slide 6: OIL LEAK OIL LEAK OIL LEAK slide 7: When you have damaged piston rings in your Mini Cooper they allow the oil to leak through. slide 8: The oil leaks into the internal combustion chamber and there is a faster consumption of oil. slide 9: The situation demands to add more oil to the piston to avoid an increase in the engine temperature. slide 10: POOR POOR POOR ACCELERATION ACCELERATION ACCELERATION slide 11: There will be less engine power when the piston rings are damaged. slide 12: You can easily notice the delayed reaction to the acceleration. slide 13: Worn piston rings lead to less compression and the engine struggles to accelerate effectively. slide 14: W H I T E W H I T E W H I T E E X H A U S T E X H A U S T E X H A U S T S M O K E S M O K E S M O K E slide 15: Bad piston rings in your Mini may result in white or grey colored exhaust smoke from the tailpipe. slide 16: Generally it is a very thick cloud of smoke that can be easily distinguished by the naked eye. slide 17: Therefore you must pay attention to the color of the smoke emitting from your vehicle. slide 18: N O N O N O A C C E L E R A T I O N A C C E L E R A T I O N A C C E L E R A T I O N slide 19: When the piston rings are damaged the engine completely loses power and there will be no acceleration. slide 20: Gradually the piston rings will completely wear out no longer contribute to the effective combustion. slide 21: The Mini Cooper will not exceed a certain speed even after pressing the pedal to the last. slide 22: HIGH HIGH HIGH ENGINE ENGINE ENGINE TEMPERATURE TEMPERATURE TEMPERATURE slide 23: Gradually the oil leaks due to bad piston rings will lead to overheating of your Mini’s engine. slide 24: In the absence of enough oil the metal components heat up and eventually overheat the engine. slide 25: Avoid such a condition as it might force you to bear the expenses of complete engine repair. slide 26: EXCESSIVE EXCESSIVE EXCESSIVE USE OF OIL USE OF OIL USE OF OIL slide 27: When you see that your Mini is using more oil than usual this can be the sign of worn piston rings. slide 28: Bad piston rings allow the oil to leak into the combustion chamber from the engine and this leads to the addition of more oil. slide 29: If you are required to add oil before the specified mile mark then you need to get your Mini Cooper inspected. slide 30: T H A N K Y O U T H A N K Y O U H T T P S : / / S M I K Y . C O M / H T T P S : / / S M I K Y . C O M / H T T P S : / / S M I K Y . C O M /

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