Top Baby Massage Oils in India

Information about Top Baby Massage Oils in India

Published on August 11, 2014

Author: parentingdays



Best Baby Massage Oils: Best Baby Massage Oils For More Information Visit - PowerPoint Presentation: Coconut Oil This is an ideal and most commonly used massage oil for both babies and adults. A warm coconut oil massage is soothing and good for the skin hair and bones. Many women use this oil during summers for baby massage. View More : PowerPoint Presentation: Almond Oil It contains Vitamin E in higher proportion as compared to coconut oil. It is very good for your baby’s skin. Using this oil for massage ensures glowing and soft skin. View More : PowerPoint Presentation: Mustard Oil This oil is widely used in many households for body massage. It keeps the body warm, strengthens bones and provides relief from cold and cough. During winters this oil is best suggested for infant massage. Warm mustard oil massage also prevents the growth of unwanted body hair. View More : PowerPoint Presentation: Pure Ghee It is also used for massaging babies, how ever it is not used in very large scale. Massaging body with ghee helps to protect body from cold. It is used especially during winters when the climate is cold. View More : PowerPoint Presentation: Olive Oil Olive oil increases hair growth. If your baby has less hair growth, massage the head with olive oil and bath after 30 minutes. It can also be applied on the eye brows to increase hair growth and shape them. View More : PowerPoint Presentation: Thank’s For Visit - www.

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