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Published on July 9, 2014

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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Eco Pest Control Over Other Industrial Pesticide Methods: Managing and Controlling Pests the right way (The eco pest control way) Top 4 Reasons to Choose Eco Pest Control Over Other Industrial Pesticide Methods Managing a Pest Problem: Managing a Pest Problem The task of managing pests, such as termites, in your home or office environment, often requires you to make the choice between using Eco Pest Control or cheaper industrial pesticide options. If your home is experiencing pest control problems caused by termites, ants, rats, cockroaches, or other little unwanted creatures, you will need to make a decision fast about how you want to deal with them. What Does an Ecologically and Envionmentally Friendly Pest Control Mean?: What Does an Ecologically and Envionmentally Friendly Pest Control Mean? Eco Pest Control prides itself with the use of pesticides that do not have any unwanted or hazardous environmental impact on the area in which they are used. While some individuals may not have a problem with the idea of spraying pesticides and deterants all over their homes or business, we have jumped to the front of the pest control business, and we do this, through the innovative use of environmentally-friendly pest control solutions. Ecologically friendly pest control means that you do not have to worry about possible complications arising from the use of pesticides. There is no chance of yourself, your family and friends, or pets being adversely affected by these pesticides in question. For business clients, this is a deal-breaker: a restaurant, for example, cannot afford to be faced with a pest problem. There is also the risk of causing allergies to its customers, by using industrial pesticides, and this can have just as high risk and also could affect reputation and sales. Why Eco Pest Control?: Why Eco Pest Control? Eco Pest Control is well-versed in the business of eliminating pests from homes and businesses in a fast, professional and transparent manner. Making sure that individuals and their pets can enjoy the same place and surroundings after a pest control job is completed, is of key importance. If you are still undecided about whether to go for Eco Pest Control or for an industrial pesticide solution, there are many points you should consider, some of which we will talk about now. Advantages of Eco Pest Control: Advantages of Eco Pest Control Superior Pest Detection Eco Pest Control is the most successful user of specially trained termite detection dogs. These dogs can find termites by smell and let the pest control technician know exactly where all of the damage is being done. In addition, we offer superior detection of other hard-to-find pests, such as fleas who only spend approximately a quarter of their life on their host ’ s body. The key factor is to where where the pests are nesting. Ecologically Friendly Pesticides The last thing that anyone wants to do is replace unwelcome pests with equally dangerous pesticide residue. Pesticides are, by definition, poisonous, and choosing the right solutions for our customers' health is paramount and of equal importance. We use products that are safe, both to the environment and indivuduals, yet still maximise the efficiency of the pest control operations. Our technicians are trained and capable of eliminating 100% of pests on premises. Advantages of Eco Pest Control (Cont’d…): Advantages of Eco Pest Control (Cont ’ d…) Emergency Calls Eco Pest Control is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. We have not only helpful, but knowledgeable operators who can help you determine the best way to get rid of your unwelcome pests, especially on an emergency basis. We promise a 24 hour maximum response time for any home or business owner within the Adelaide area, If you find yourself or your property suddenly under siege by these unwanted pesky little beings – call us for all your emergency needs. Guaranteed Pest Control What happens if you hire Eco Pest Control for a pesticide service on your property, only to find out that the same pests have returned? We guarantee all of our work for a nominated period of time. We promise to return, free of charge, to eliminate any recurring pests. We are Number One!: We are Number One! In the rare circumstance, opting for the other industrial pesticide method may still be on your mind, and we are however, always prepared for the possibility. It is because of this, we are willing to offer flexibility to our customers, so that they enjoy pest-free living and business environments. When you hire Eco Pest Control, you know that you are getting the very best services that Adelaide has to offer. We don ’ t consider us number one, for no reason! Contact Us: Contact Us Want to try the best? Call us today on (08) 8354 0470 or visit us at

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