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Published on March 15, 2019

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slide 1: Safa Marwah Tours and Travels in Hyderabad For Hajj and Umrah The religion of peace Islam is filled with various religious and spirituals worships. We know that there are five pillars and five creeds of Islam. In these five pillars the Holy worship Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. Haj is a mandatory worship obligatory to perform by all psychologically physically and economically stable Muslims. The best and the professional online Safa Marwah tours and travels in Hyderabad provide Hajj and Umrah packages to fulfill their spiritual need like Islamic Travel Low Price Five Star 2019 Haj Deals with Hotel and Flight.Hajj is the best way to commence your jaunt to Jannah the best place ever. The importance of carrying out Hajj can be valued by the following Holy Quranic verse and the journey to the house of Allah Holy Kaaba is mandatory upon manhood owed o Allah the Almighty for whoever can find a way there." Purpose of Hajj Hajj isnt only a worship but a complete channel for a better character. The purpose of holy Ibadah Hajj is to make a Muslim assist as a human being in an upgraded practice. Its the responsibility of a Muslim to arrange the trip towards the holy cities of Saudi Arabia. Just purify heart to accomplish the purpose of Hajj journey so let us progressive frequent features associated with the purpose of Haj. Trust and Faith on Allah Just faith in Allah because He is our Creator and He has shaped us. During and after the completion of foremost Journey the strong conviction of a Muslim on Allah gets more strengthen. Humbleness Muslims during Hajj enquires mercy by their Allah the Almighty and appeal for a better life here and henceforward. This shows the humbleness. slide 2: Piousness the Standard of Supremacy The last sermon of Holy Prophet PBUH is shown clearly the piety or Taqwa hasnt belonged to race race nation etc. On the occasion of Haj piety depends on a pure core with pure worship of Allah. Brotherhood Hajj festival shows the message of brotherhood and unity for all around the globe. A Recap of The Last Rest Place The holy worship Haj reminds that worldly life is nothing or mortal. Dont love and expect from worldly life and worldly people.So I hope you get my point regarding the purpose of Hajj for Muslim Ummah. Follow these points when you want to know what is the purpose of Hajj. Related Link: Umrah

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