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Published on July 31, 2014

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Expo Stars Interactive Ltd: Making Tradeshows Profitable Expo Stars Interactive Ltd “A really great Talent finds its happiness in execution”: “A really great Talent finds its happiness in execution” Marketing Week Live, London, 2013 Testimonials : Testimonials “ Jemelin did a great job, she was pro-active, very formal in her approach, which for the exhibition visitors in UK was perfect” ( Cisco Live London 2012 ) * Sylvie was very professional and worked to a standard that we have never experienced before from event staff and she always had a smile on her face” ( InterSolutions Ghent, 2013 ) * Catherine is a high level hostess as she is very well educated and really professional. She understood our needs and was very well prepared and ready to engage with our customers and prospects”.  (SIAL Shanghai 2013) Expo Hospital Santiago, Chile 2013 Ice Totally Gaming, London 2012 Cisco Live 2012 Las Vegas, 2013 PowerPoint Presentation: Solar Power International, Orlando, 2013  “We were very impressed with the Expo Stars team, they were fantastic. All of them  without exception did an outstanding job for us, and it was great to have them with us on this event” (WCN Vienna,2013 ) *   “The actors were amazing. They really went above and beyond to engage with everyone and be entertaining. We know this was not a typical role for them, so think they did an amazing job. We really liked them both and got very positive feedback on the event!”( Corporate medical event, Basel 2013 ) * “Kristina has been very professional and well mannered. Many thanks to Expo Stars for being priceless”. (Ten-T-Days, Tallin , 2013) ESC Vienna, 2013 iGaming , 2012 TBC PowerPoint Presentation: “What a show we had! Our stand was one of the main attractions of the whole exhibition and really made people stop to marvel! All feedback was positive and our stand was ranked by many, many visitors as the stand with best looks, attitude and atmosphere. Even our competitors could not stay away. Alexandra, Verena and Miriam did a perfect job. No two ways about it, I was extremely satisfied with their positive attitude and professionalism. Our clients and my colleagues were impressed by their work, too .Alexandra’s team leadership and organizational skills were exceptional. I also think that all the prearrangements by you and your staff went very smoothly and can truly recommend your services to any company.” ( Fastener Stuttgart, 2013) PowerPoint Presentation: Anti-Aging World Congress, Monaco, 2013 LAC, London, 2013 ICE Totally Gaming, London 2013 ICE Totally Gaming, London 2013 Samsung promotion, Etihad London, 2013 TBC PowerPoint Presentation: I can only say that the collaboration with Sara was fantastic. She is an excellent professional, with a phenomenal capacity to learn, a great work commitment and ability to take on responsibilities. Not to mention that she speaks very fluent Spanish, Arabic and English and she has learnt everything very quickly, being able to professionally present our services to our prospects at Big5.( Big 5 Dubai, 2013) * Ruta has been very professional, kind and pleasant, she could speak good English and accomplished her work with diligence. Many thanks in advance for your kind help and thanks again for finding such a professional hostess for our event few weeks before the event ! (Open China IT, Vilnius, 2013) * “All the Expostars girls were absolutely fantastic and spot on for our customer target. They were so energetic & enthusiastic…even in the cold! …( LaSenza January 2013) TBC Chicago, 2013 ADHD Milan, 2012 EPA, Nice 203 BMW I Born Launch Tour Paris 2013 PowerPoint Presentation: Your people were a key component of our success here.  As I told them, I expected them to drive additional booth traffic and they of course delivered.  I did not, however, anticipate how well they would be able to qualify prospects.  Convergence is challenging, because only one in ten attendees is a prospect for us.  Also, there are different kinds of attendees, end-customers, prospective reseller partners, and Microsoft employees all of whom have different interests and drivers.  The ladies very quickly learned what to say to each group to see if there was a fit and get them to engage with us.  As a result, our sales folks were able to invest their time with qualified prospects and develop real opportunities . Microsoft Convergence, 2014 Connect with us: Email: [email protected] Web: Tel: +44 (0)161 665 0201 Connect with us © Expo Stars Interactive Ltd 2014

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