Training and Development in HRM (GYAN)

Information about Training and Development in HRM (GYAN)

Published on May 2, 2010

Author: gyanciim



Slide 1: Presentation on: Training & Development Presented By – Gyan Prakash Gupta PGDM-CIIIM 3RD TERM Bhopal(m. p.) Slide 2: TRAINING &DEVELOPMENT Training is expensive. Without training it is more expensive. - Nehru Training : Training “Training is the process of altering employee behavior and attitudes in a way that increase the probability of goal attainment.” It involves changing of - Skills Attitude Knowledge Slide 4: “Management Development activities attempt to instill sound reasoning processes to enhance one’s ability to understand and interpret knowledge.” DEVELOPMENT Training & Development : Training & Development Training Increases job skills- specific skills Short term perspective Job centered The role of a trainer is very important Development It shapes attitude – overall growth Long term perspective Career Centered Internally motivated for self development WHY T & D : WHY T & D No one is a perfect fit at the time of hiring and some training & development must take place. Planned development programs will return values to the organization in terms of : increased productivity reduced costs Morale Slide 7: Flexibility to adapt to changing requirements Moulds employees’ attitude Helps them achieve better co-operation Creates greater loyalty to the organization Reduces wastage and spoilage Improves quality TrainingProcess : TrainingProcess Determine the mission of the org Job description Training needs assessment Decide most imp objective/priorities Evaluate the curriculum Evaluate the Result of Training TYPES OF TRAINING : TYPES OF TRAINING On the job: Orientation Apprentice Committee assignments Off the job: Vestibule Role playing Lecture Case discussion Conference Slide 10: Decision making: In basket Business games Case studies Interpersonal: Role play Sensitivity Behavior Organizational: Position rotation Multiple mgmt DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS Responsible for Training : Responsible for Training Top Mgmt – Frames the Training policy HR Dept – plans, establishes and evaluates Supervisors –implement and apply development procedure Employees – provide feedback, revision and suggestions Slide 12: THANKS

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