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Published on May 17, 2013

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PowerPoint Presentation: Transcription Services for Academics Make the Students Sharper The transcription services are being utilized in a wide range of fields. The academics are one such area where these transcription services are implemented in a comprehensive manner. Academic transcription refers to the conversion of various audio files associated with the curriculum into the written files, which can thereafter easily be assessed by the students and professors. The transcription services for academics not only help in streamlining the whole educational system but also they enhance the academic performance of the students in direct or indirect ways. The professional agencies who deal in the transcription services for academics offer the following types of transcripts to the educational clients: Focus group transcription : Audio or video inputs of the focus group transcription are being converted into the written formats. Each and every statement dictated or expressed by the individual participants is clearly being outlined in the transcripts. Lecture transcription : The audio files of the lectures of any subjects are being transcribed into the written digital formats by the professionals with expertise in that particular subject. Seminar transcription : Seminars of different types such as single speaker seminars or the multi speaker seminars are being converted into the written formats for further study and research by the peer groups. Thesis transcription : The Thesis transcription helps out the students in proving their candidature in the PhD programs. Practically, all types of educational institutions such as the primary schools, secondary and higher secondary schools, colleges and Universities are in need of the transcription services, in their respective fields of study. While the professors and institute staffs are busy in taking classes of students, they outsource all the transcription services for academics to the professional transcription agencies. The transcription services are being considered vital in the educational system now days because of the digitization of the whole scenario and the increasing need of valuable content at present. Without documentation, many things taught cannot reach the students in an effective way. For example, a lecture is a short term class undertaken to aware the students of a particular subject. However, in a short duration of time, it may not be possible for the students to document all the vital aspects that have been taught to them by the lecturers and professors. PowerPoint Presentation: By transcribing the lectures and classes, and distributing those to the students, it is assured that they get access to all the vital concepts in the written forms that have been discussed in the class. This inevitably increases the sharpness of the students regarding the particular subject. By: Transcription Services India Keywords: academic transcription, transcribing academic recordings, academic research transcription, thesis transcription, lectures transcription, seminar transcription, focus group transcription, transcription services, audio to text

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