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Published on December 11, 2009

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Slide 1: Welcome Why are you here? : What’s Your Future Really Look Like? Why are you here? Why are you Here? What are you Looking For? : Why are you Here? What are you Looking For? Who are we? : Who are we? Opened for business November 2002 and our corporate office is located in Scottsdale Arizona. Educated over 25,000 students nation wide. Local communities of investors throughout the nation. Premier business and real estate investing education company in the country. The Name of our Company is Nouveau Riche. Slide 5: So, What do we sell? We are known for providing exceptional education on Teen and Adult Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurialism, Business Ownership and Real Estate Investing. We are so successful at what we do, 85% of our students are currently participating in real estate transactions and we have an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau. The Real Estate Revolution : The Real Estate Revolution Investor Forum Hosted in most major cities nation wide or via online webinar The event is a FREE Real Estate Investing Workshop whereby We educate, motivate, and enroll guests into our 3 Day Wealth Summit Slide 7: The Wealth Summit Will be taught valuable information on the four main real estate investing strategies that are working today They will learn how to find good investment properties, analyze deals, construct offers, and even fund deals often times without using any of their own money or credit. Slide 8: The VIP Pass Only at the Investor Forum or the online webinar can people purchase a Special VIP pass for the incredible price of only $597.00. The actual cash value of the event is $3,199.00. Wealth Summit Opportunity : Wealth Summit Opportunity Offered the opportunity to purchase education packages designed to fit your client’s educational and financial situation Education packages may contain special real estate investing software, coaching, mentoring and specialized live or online classroom education Packages are absolutely packed with value and geared towards becoming a full time successful Business Owner and Real Estate Entrepreneur How do you make money? : $ How do you make money? You make $200.00 for every VIP Pass purchased. Compensation is commissioned based and determined by your productivity and ability to follow a system. Slide 11: Break it down If you invite 6 people to the event, you could make 2-3 sales That is $400-$600 for a couple of hours of work What if you invited 10 people to the event? What if you invited 20 people to the event? There is no cap or no limit. You can make absolutely as much money as want. Can you imagine how much money you can make? And there is more! : And there is more! You also become eligible to receive a commission from any education package bought by your client at the 3 Day Wealth Summit We do not Guarantee that you will make money! Monthly income can range anywhere from 0$ to $30,000 -$40,000 per month Top income earners have earned over $200,000 in one month! Slide 13: How much can you make? The Question is….. With the right opportunity The right time and the right place Slide 14: Here is what we are looking for National team of "Event Promoters" Love talking and connecting with people, be a self starter, able to follow a system and be coachable Have access to a computer and be familiar with multiple functions of a computer to communicate and advertise our events Slide 15: The Event Promoter’s Main Role Find people who want to learn how to invest in Real Estate and invite them to an event Work environment can be virtual in nature, typically working out of one's home and setting their own hours No telling and selling! Our presenters are successful multi million dollar business owners and real estate investors They do all the work for you Slide 16: Our Goal….. Is to see you make money as quickly as possible! We provide you with top notch training on how to find interested and qualified people What to say and how to invite people to our events Build your own money making machine marketing team Slide 17: No product purchase necessary Yearly $125 application and processing fee Minimal monthly subscription fee How much does it cost to get started? This fee is used to support the events and professionals hosting the events. Allows you to invite people to the events nationwide without having to attend the event personally How to get started : How to get started We have a two step interview process First is to contact us and schedule a 10-15 minute phone interview Second, attend one of our Nation Wide Company Income Briefings and an Investor Forum Slide 19: To schedule a phone interview, attend an Income Opportunity Briefing or Investor Forum Call 602 904 5467 Contact Us Slide 20: Congratulations & Welcome to the Nouveau Riche Community! Your American Dream Awaits You…

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