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Published on January 22, 2011

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Slide 1: PRESENTAION BY- DEEP SHREE TYPES OF PRODUCTION SYSTEMS PRODUCTION : PRODUCTION A production process consists of activities that are required in transforming an input set (human resources, raw materials, energy, money,information, etc.) to valuable outputs with the help of processors. Production system : Production system A production system converts inputs into outputs with the help of processors A generalised production system can be represented as:- INPUT OUTPUT (goods/services) PROCESSOR Types of production systems : Types of production systems Classification on the basis of output Three bases considered- Variety Uniformity Volume per output type Two types - a)continuous b)intermittent Slide 5: LOW HIGH VARIETY HIGH LOW UNIFORMITY HIGH LOW VPOT DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CONTINUOUS AND INTERMITTENT SYSTEMS : DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CONTINUOUS AND INTERMITTENT SYSTEMS ON THE BASIS OF MACHINERY Slide 7: ON THE BASIS OF MATERIAL HANDLING AND LABOUR USE Slide 8: ON THE BASIS OF OUTPUT PRODUCED- Slide 9: DIFFERENCES ON THE BASIS OF MAINTENANCE AND CONTROL EMPLOYED TYPES OF CONTINUOUS PRODUCTION SYSTEM : TYPES OF CONTINUOUS PRODUCTION SYSTEM 1.FLOW TYPE Output cannot be segregated into different units High degree of uniformity Output cannot be measured directly Example-power plant Slide 11: 2.MASS PRODUCTION Straight line flow of materials Output of one stge normally becomes input for another Output visible in form of identical units Standardised output produced in large quantities PROBLEMS Balancing of production lines Machine maintenance Raw materials supply Example – sugar production Types of intermittent production systems : Types of intermittent production systems 1.BATCH PRODUCTION SYSTEM- Variety of products are made in small quantities Various products compete for share of machines Outputs are aggregated in form of batches Batches may comprise of similar or dissimilar outputs PROBLEMS Machine-job allocation problem Determination of economic batch quantity Scheduling and sequencing of operations Example – electrical goods Slide 13: 2.JOB-ORDER PRODUCTION SYSTEM Does not has its own standard product but accepts whatever customer orders come in Output identifiable in terms of specific job order Material flow is very complex PROBLEMS Determination of the sequence of processing Example – tailor shop Slide 14: 3.PROJECT PRODUCTION SYSTEM Project is a temporary endeavour having a defined beginning and end ;undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives Project is non repetitive This type of production system uses resources on different projects Product remains fixed and manpower and facilities put work on it PERT/CPM can be used for planning and control in this case Example- Ship production Slide 15: THANK YOU

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