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Published on August 7, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Carrier Bags For Sale Group Great Leaders in High Quality, Turnover Top Folded Paper Bags, Cotton Bags, Tissue Paper 1 PowerPoint Presentation: Carrier Bags For Sale Group (CBSG) is the leading supplier of all retail packaging, gift packaging and other industrial packaging needs. CBSG has been on the forefront of technology with its state of the paper carrier bags facilities, cotton bags, tissue paper. CBSG is the leading manufacturer of environmentally safe, turnover top folded, shopping bags, gift bags and other paper based bags for the retail and gift industry. CBSG provides affordable alternate solutions to plastic bags via eco-friendly & bio-degradable paper bags. Our dedicated team with perfect collection of great cotton bags, plain paper bags is one of a kind in United Kingdom producing fully automatic very high strength turnover top-folded paper bags with handles with candy stripe paper bags. The registered office is located in the heart of Manchester, United Kingdom. Company Overview PowerPoint Presentation: To provide innovative designs, good quality products to our clients on a regular and sustainable basis. Our Vision PowerPoint Presentation: We offer the following standard internationally accepted sizes Large – ideal for large garments, jackets, bedding sheets, etc. 300 x 400 x 125 mm (w x h x g) Medium – ideal for gifts and apparel manufacturers 250 x 350 x 125 mm (w x h x g) Our Bags Sizes PowerPoint Presentation: Natural White Paper Bag With Handle – ideal for unique designs and colors White in Color Prime Paper Natural Brown Paper Bag With Handle – ideal for environmentally conscious retailers and consumers and manufactures Brown in Color 100% recycled and 100% recyclable Green Candy Stripe Paper Bag – ideal for carrying heavy items with colorful bags Different color bags are available Paper Type PowerPoint Presentation: Very strong Bags Paper Twisted Handle Top Folded High Strength PowerPoint Presentation: Quality at affordable prices. Turnover top folded Bags Our bags are: - Uniform in appearance and performance. - Consistently symmetrical creases and folds. - Tensile strength - Twisted paper handles - Strong and durable On time delivery at an extremely competitive and affordable price point. Why Carrier Bags For Sale ? PowerPoint Presentation: Our Bags Colored Paper Bags Cotton Bags White craft counter bag PowerPoint Presentation: Corporate Offices Tel Phone no: 0161 883 0735 Carrier Bags for Sale, 3rd Floor, Merchant Exchange 17-19 Whitworth Street West Manchester, M1 5WG Warehouse: Guildford http://www.carrierbagsforsale.co.uk/ [email protected] Contact Information

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