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Published on September 1, 2007

Author: alankgreen

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LEADSExplorer:  LEADSExplorer The Unknown Buyer B2B Website Problem Slide2:  Your company has the best content on website in your business Congratulations ! Slide3:  You have applied the best tricks of SEO SEA SEM SEW (Search Engine Whatever) Slide4:  Obtained top ranking on: Google MSN Live! Yahoo … Great achievement ! Slide5:  Visitors come on your website From anywhere in the world They like your content Products / Services Success ! Slide6:  However hardly any visitor registers for: White paper download Sales inquiry Live demo Many visitors – not much result Slide7:  Moreover you have no clue about the visitors: Where are they from ? What company ? What interests do they have ? What do they want / need ? Slide8:  The visitors just want to stay Unknown No communication No interaction Invisible – Invincible? Ghosts ? Slide9:  Your Sales people have: No information No impact in decision process Stand on the sideline No interaction Just blind ! Slide10:  The Potential Buyer wants to stay UNKNOWN For many different good reasons The customer is always right ? Or not ? Slide11:  However visitors leave Traces Footprints on your website … T h r i l l i n g ! Slide12:  You just need a solution to reveal Company name Origin / Location Company information Language & etc Simple & obvious – isn’t it ? Slide13:  Visitor information about Pages visited Time on pages Most visited pages Returning visitors Revealing their interests Slide14:  Giving Sales a clue what to do Allowing to call or email Using the appropriate message At the appropriate time Opening up communication That would help Sales ! Slide15:  Thus for solving the Unknown Buyer problem Who do you call ? www.LEADSExplorer.com (Not Ghost Busters) Slide16:  For supplying a sales tool to Sales get www.LEADSExplorer.com Not Web Stats or Web Analytics which are for Marketing Slide17:  www.LEADSExplorer.com Engago Technologies Ltd.

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