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Published on June 13, 2016

Author: unravel

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slide 1: Process Process Process Managing 100+ Wordpress Installs Scott Schaper Owner slide 2: Design implement host support client sites on Wordpress. Content Blog SEO Directory Social Newsletter Unravel Services slide 3: Tight Processes Increase Your Value to Clients slide 4: Your Clients Your Client’s Clients Your Own Reputation Reputation Management slide 5: Tight Processes Increase Your Sales slide 6: Processes Allow You to Manage Complexity slide 7: Wordpress Fears White Screen Hacking Client Admin Actions Email Deliverability Monitoring Back Ups DNS Issues Eyes On Password Mgmt Plugin/Theme Updates WP Core Updates Licensing Service/Support Malware SEO Performance 301 Issues Analytics / Reporting slide 8: Set It and Forget It Does Not Work slide 9: Business Issues Prospecting Sales Contracts Project Management Service Migration Client Support Expectation Mgmt Billing Collections Payment Flexibility Change Requests “Free Consulting” Client Attrition Competition slide 10: Create a Process For Everything You Suck at You Don’t Deliver Well slide 11: Process 1 Back Up / Monitor / Restore Host: WP Engine Daily Back Ups to AWS Monitor: Site 24x7 http code DNS Text Match Team Notice Restore Pre-Snap slide 12: Create a Process For Everything You’re Already Awesome At slide 13: Start with a Small Checklist Process Creation slide 14: Get Creative Use Your Tools Automate But Not Everything Process Creation slide 15: Wordpress | Gravity Forms | M Email | SMS | iOS ZAPIER Help Desk | Quickbooks | Servers Process Connections slide 16: Process 2 Site Audits Schedule: Campaign Monitor Client Domains are Scheduled Check List: Gravity Forms 45 Checks Create a Support Request Client Notice and Report slide 17: Scalability Transferability Accountability Process Upsides slide 18: No Less Sleepless Nights slide 19: Process 3 Core Plugin Theme Updates WP Engine Performs Core Updates All Core Updates are Staged and Tested Eyes-On Audits Cover Plugin/Theme Updates Emergency Updates One-Click Staging for Testing Dev Promotion slide 20: To Get in Your Way Control You Trump Autonomy Don’t Allow Processes slide 21: Process 4 Client Support Support is Minimized By Upstream Processes We have NOT embraced a Ticketing System But are looking Don’t let clients “find stuff wrong” slide 22: Tweak Tweak Tweak Re-Invent Stay Flexible Anything can be Axed including you and the client slide 23: Beware of Exceptions eCommerce More BackUp High Traffic Seasonality More Support slide 24: Minimize Exceptions “A bad prospect will become a bad client.” Know your niches. slide 25: Process 5 Transactional Email External SMPT by SendGrid Separate APIs DKIMs CNames Ultra High Deliverability Stupid-Granular Visibility into Message Status. slide 26: Key Vendors Infrastructure / Tech WP Engine | Host Nginx | Web Server Wordpress | duh Site 24x7 | Monitoring SendGrid | T Mail PW Mgmt | LastPass Service Delivery Gravity Forms | Forms Yoast | OP SEO Raven Tools | SEO Yext | Local Shutterstock | Image Campaign Mon | M Email Rackspace | Email slide 27: Questions Tell Us What You Use unravelwp Try WP Engine CLICK THIS LINK FOR A SIGN UP DISCOUNT

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