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Published on January 25, 2017

Author: CrystalLowryMBA

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1. TOP 3 SOCIAL MEDIA BENEFITS San Diego Real Estate

2. Social Media is NOT Just in the Cloud “Somewhere…”

3. Live Social Networking is REAL!

4. Q: What do you want most from today? Q: What do you want most from Social Media? SOCIAL MEDIA’s ROLE in REAL ESTATE @333socialmedia /333socialmedia www.333socialmedia.com Increase New Referrals Increase Search Results More Deals with Previous /Existing Clients Human Rapport Building Create A Professional Brand “Social Selling” in Current Network Industry Partnerships

5. So What Now?!!?

6. We are…. #3 Benefit @333socialmedia /333socialmedia www.333socialmedia.com Build Relationships With Referral Partners Have a targeted list and follow up!

7. All You Need to Do is... Like, Like & COMMENT

8. THINK... @333socialmedia /333socialmedia www.333socialmedia.com ● Previous Clients ● Referral Partners ● Networking Leads ● Groups ● Buyer Persona ● Events

9. We are…. #2 Benefit @333socialmedia /333socialmedia www.333socialmedia.com Get Leads… Using Video Focus on one area of your buyer’s concerns and go LIVE!

10. LIVE or Pre-Recorded?!?

11. THINK STRATEGIC Complete the Buyer Persona to figure out how to create compelling video: 1. Who would be an ideal client for your business? 2. What is their biggest challenge? 3. What keyword search strings are they searching for? 4. What is their greatest pain point? 5. What is the biggest obstacle to overcome before purchase? 6. What existing content do you already have? What Do You Want to Talk About? @333socialmedia /333socialmedia www.333socialmedia.com

12. We are…. #1 Benefit @333socialmedia /333socialmedia www.333socialmedia.com FREE Advertisement to Promote Listings Listing Videos have never been so easy with SocialPort.TV

13. Post Listing’s Media in LinkedIn’s Summary, Experience, portfolio $5/day paid advertising for Youtube & Facebook Use the #hashtags that your audience already uses Get an image or video across all of your channels (Hootsuite?) Join Groups: #BeSocial first, THEN post your listings Build up your LinkedIn and download .csv file to reconcile with email marketing platform Post full article on LinkedIn for Listings, Open House & Virtual Tours @333socialmedia /333socialmedia www.333socialmedia.com

14. OUR SERVICES Full Social Media Management Includes strategic conversations with your ideal markets using keywords and trending #hashtags. Includes excellent reporting to track the results of your social media strategy. FREE Help is Available - Templates for Buyer Personas - Social Selling Academy launching early 2017!! Write a Review? Like what you learned today? Please write us a review! @333socialmedia /333socialmedia www.333socialmedia.com

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16. www.twitter.com/333socialmedia www.facebook.com/333socialmedia www.plus.google.com/333socialmedia www.linkedin.com/in/crystallowry CONNECT WITH US

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