Usability of Structured Packings

Information about Usability of Structured Packings

Published on July 26, 2014

Author: jagdeep.rufouz



Structured Packings: Structured Packings Ensures Feasible Extraction in Distillation and Absorption Column Factors that determine the quality of the Structured Packings : Crimp height Crimp inclination angle Element height Surface treatment Fouling tendency System properties and service The packing of the material can be modified in term of packing geometry, surface treatment, and manipulation of the variable used as per the requirement to increase the efficiency of the extraction column . Factors that determine the quality of the Structured Packings Usability: Structured Packing is usually involved in low pressure and low irrigation rate applications. It is commonly used in columns like Typical applications include Vacuum Fractionation Atmospheric Crude Oil Fractionation FCC Main Fractionator Usability Construction Material Used : Carbon steel Stainless steel alloys Aluminum Titanium Nickel alloys Copper alloys Zirconium Construction Material Used PowerPoint Presentation: The high quality Structured Packings will bring increase product yield, enhance product quality/purity, increased heat transfer across the column, and also lead to reduced reflux ratios, lower pressure drop, reduced liquid hold up.

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