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Published on July 19, 2014

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: Welcome to Macintosh PowerPoint Presentation: 2 PowerPoint Presentation: 3 ABOUT US PowerPoint Presentation: 4 PowerPoint Presentation: 5 WHAT IS AN APPRAISAL?: 6 WHAT IS AN APPRAISAL? PowerPoint Presentation: 7 Value “..… the worth, usefulness, or utility of an object to someone for some purpose.” PowerPoint Presentation: 8 Market Value “…. most probable selling price of a property in a competitive and open market. ” PowerPoint Presentation: 9 We usually make an informal appraisal to judge if the prices are reasonable for items we purchase. The “ market analysis ” made by brokers and salespeople when listing or selling a given property is best described as an informal appraisal . Informal Appraisal PowerPoint Presentation: 10 …..a means of reaching an opinion of value by the methodical collection and analysis of relevant market data most often reported in writing. Formal Appraisals PowerPoint Presentation: 11 WHAT IS VALUE?: WHAT IS VALUE? 12 Worth Usefulness Utility WHO USES APPRAISALS?: WHO USES APPRAISALS? 13 Purchase, Sale & Exchange Financing Leasing Management Insurance Remodeling Market Transactions WHO USES APPRAISALS?: WHO USES APPRAISALS? 14 Development Feasibility Highest and Best Use Exercise of Purchase and Lease options Market Transactions PowerPoint Presentation: 15 APPRAISAL STANDARDS: APPRAISAL STANDARDS 16 Standard 1: Real Property Appraisal Development APPRAISAL STANDARDS: APPRAISAL STANDARDS 17 Standard 2: Real Property Appraisal Reporting SUMMARY: SUMMARY Contact us: Contact us Business Name: Macintosh Appraisals Business Address: #401 - 555 Sixth Street New Westminister, BC   V3L 5H1 Canada Phone Number: 604-522-3900 Fax:   604-522-2611 Toll Free in North America:   1-866-522-3900 E-mail:  [email protected] THANK YOU : THANK YOU 

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