Various Aspects About Name Badges

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Published on July 16, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Various Aspects About Name Badges PowerPoint Presentation: Name badges are the vital part of any of seminar or conference and business meeting. Name badges are ideal for creating a positive impression on the clients. Most of the organization now uses name badges for business promotion. Name badges should be designed and marked clearly. PowerPoint Presentation: Types Of Name Badges Paper Name Badges Plastic Name Badges Magnetic Name Badges Metal Name Badges PowerPoint Presentation: Metal, brass, plastic PVC and aluminum are used to create the name tags. Many companies give importance to brand images so they prefer metal name badges. Engravable or the printable plastic have great demand. It is very easy to for applying the texts and logos in the plastic name tags. PowerPoint Presentation: Methods used for applying text and logos in plastic name badges Hot stamping Screen printing Thermal printing Engraving printing PowerPoint Presentation: Tips For Designing Company Tags Select crisp, matching fonts The right formatting Deploy versatility Choose a suitable size Choose the perfect colour PowerPoint Presentation: Most of the organization now uses name badges as the part of branding strategy. Name badges give professional look to the employees. Name Badges International is a popular name badge designing company in Florida .

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