Various fragrance

Information about Various fragrance

Published on May 23, 2020

Author: niteshgupta44



1. Importance of fragrance in Life

2. RED ROSE 1. This fragrance is for wearing cloths, for relax feeling. Perfume is an art as same as music & painting. It requires talent, expertise and most of all passion.

3. SANDAL WOOD 1. This fragrance is mostly used for atmospheric circumstances to decrease tension and for clam feeling. Perfume is unseen, unforgettible ultimate accessory.

4. Jasmin fragrance 1.This fragrance likely most favorite for ladies. Perfume is a delicate balance irrational, hedonistic and technical elements.

5. Lemon generally used for freshness, energetic feelings Lemon is sweatness and mostly uses in common

6. Lavender fragrance 1.This fragrance is mostly fresh feeling, in Jim, Hotel gardening, Exercise room. For me, perfume must br adopted to fashion, less tension and be fresh.

7. By- Nitesh Gupta GUPTA CHEMICAL

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