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Published on June 8, 2016

Author: venkasureantivirus



1. VenkaSure Total Security +

2. VenkaSure Total Security+ offers complete protection for in-home and mobile users – including home or office networks, public Wi-Fi hotspots and cellular data networks. 3 VenkaSure Total Security +

3. 4 Offering the best Total Security with through protection for in-home and mobile users, VenkaSure has your home and office networks, public Wi-Fi hotspots and cellular data networks covered. The VenkaSure Total Security+ software is feature packed, including: • Blocking websites including “http” and “https” sites. • Keyword blocking. • Easy management and configuration. • Supports all Windows platform, from Windows XP to Windows 10. Blocks Threats not productivity

4. 5 VenkaSure offers only the best Total Security, instantly protecting your home networks from known adult, unsafe, fraudulent, phishing and infected websites. The First Layer of Defense

5. 6 VenkaSure Code Emulations proactively identify unknown malware in real-time. The complex Antivirus System acts as a single, unified scanning engine, providing comprehensive protection without compromising speed and stops zero-day threats as they emerge. VenkaSure Real-time Protection runs behind the scenes, inside the windows kernel, checking for malicious activity, preventing before it can execute. The Antivirus System also removes all traces of viruses, spyware, malware and other threats from process and registry . VenkaSure Proactive, Real-Time Protection

6. 7 VenkaSure Total Security+ software gives you complete control over when your children or employees spend time online. Easily schedule and manage Internet access during specific times of the day or week. Online Time Control & Management

7. 8 VenkaSure provides the best Total Security features including downloading the latest URL feeds hourly and keeping tabs on the most up to date information for millions of popular websites. URL Database

8. 9 VenkaSure protects your USB and removable devices by eliminating viruses that launch automatically and create distribution points to spread from removable devices to other systems. • Allows/Blocks files executing from USB drives. • Allows/Blocks copying files to USB drives. • Allows/Blocks executing auto-run files. • Prompts for password protection on access of USB drives. • Logs the complete history of USB drive access, As well as copied file details to USB drivers.. USB / Removable Device Protection

9. 10 • Blocks Viruses, Trojans, spyware, Rootkits, and other threats without user interruption and continuous alerts. • Proactive Protection from known and unknown threats. • DLP protection with Advanced USB hyper technology. • Blocks malicious programs from changing your internet security software settings. • Easy installation and no complex configuration. • Protects all users on the network (wired and wireless) • Protects all network and guest users from web content including Https blocking. • 50+ Web Content Filtering Categories. • Ad Blocking. • Proxy/ Anonymizer blocking. • Phishing protection. • Botnet protection (from HTTP based command and control ,Botnet “herders”) • Malware site protection. • Email Protection. • Blocks threats generating from a removable device. • Blocks malicious programs from changing your security settings. • PC to Mobile Scan. Features & Benefits

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